How to Review the Price History of a Stock Using CIBC Investor’s Edge

Before I buy a stock, I always like to review how it has been trading. Sometimes shares are only traded in small numbers and their price tends to jump around unpredictably like a frightened leopard frog. For example, LNF trades around the $13 point. It can go up or down a dollar on a whim but only seems to trade a few hundred shares at a time. Other stocks, like CNR can bounce up and down $0.75 every day while trading tens of thousands of shares. Here’s how I check the price history for shares of a company using CIBC Investor’s Edge.

Checking the Price History for an Equity Using CIBC Investor’s Edge

  1. Go to CIBC Investor’s Edge at:
  2. To sign in to your CIBC Investor’s Edge account/s:
    1. In the User ID field, type your User ID.
    2. In the Password field, type your password.
    3. Click on the Sign On button.
  3. From the list on the left side, click on Quotes and Research, then click on Market Centre.
  4. In the Symbol text field, type the ticker symbol for the company of interest.
    For example, I typed LNF for Leon’s Furniture.
  5. Click on the View button.
  6. Review the information for today about the open, range, bid, bid lots, previous close, 52-week range, and ask, ask lots.NOTE that all price information on this screen is 15- to 20-minute delayed. You can see the current price when you are in the Stock Order Entry screen.You can also look at the P/E, EPS and Market Cap.
  7. There’s a handy little chart to the left that shows how the stock has been trading today.
    I can see at a glance that LNF took a 50 cent per share dive after the opening of trading but has since rebounded and is now trading down about 25 cents
  8. Click on the 5 dy; 3 mo; 1 yr and 5 yr tabs to see the chart for the various time periods.For example, a review of the chart for LNF for 1 year shows that last year it climbed steadily all year, with a brief upwards spike and retreat in December and January.A look at the five year price history shows this stock has climbed from a 2008 crash of less than $10 to about $14 with a few swings up and down along the way. It’s currently trading near its all time high.
  9. Looking at this history, I will have to decide whether I’d prefer to wait for a pullback, since it does seem to have them fairly often, or go ahead and buy now.I could just by part of a position now, and pay a second commission to buy another part a few months from now. But is it worth paying two commissions? I need to choose before I submit a buy order.
  10. When your review is complete:
    1. Click on the Sign Off button.
    2. For increased security, close your browser session.

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