Checking the Current Real Time Price for an Equity Using CIBC Investor’s Edge

Twenty-minute delayed quotes are fine if you are watching a stock that barely moves in price all day. But there are times when you are curious about a stock that’s about as flighty as a monarch butterfly on high fructose nectar. You can use your CIBC Investor’s Edge account to check what the stock is really selling for right this minute.

To Check the Up to the Second Price for Shares Using CIBC Investor’s Edge

  1. Sign on to your CIBC Investor’s Edge account.
    1. Go to CIBC Investor’s Edge at:
    2. To sign on to your Investor’s Edge account/s:
    3. In the User ID field, type your User ID.
    4. In the Password field, type your password.
    5. Click on the Sign On button.
  2. From the list on the left side of the screen, click on the Trading link.
  3. In the Symbol field, type the trading symbol for the company you are interested in.
    For example, I typed: TD
  4. Click to select the radio button beside the desired country, Cdn or US.
  5. Click on the Get Real Time Quote button.
    On the right side of the screen, a small chart will display the current price and how much it is up or down since the open price.
    It will give the hour and minute and second of the last trade.
  6. You can update the price by clicking on the Get Real Time Quote button.
    You have to keep clicking it if you want to see the most recent price.
    For an actively traded stock like TD, the price can change several times a minute.
  7. When you’re done, click on the Sign Off link.
  8. For higher security, also close your Browser session.

What a Pain, Doesn’t Investor’s Edge Stream the Quotes?

There are no “streaming” or automatically updated real-time quotes available at the regular trading level of Investor’s Edge account.

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