What To Do With the Cash in My RRSP and TFSA Brokerage Accounts

It’s time to park my cash so what can I get for it and how?

Another Teenager TFSA Investing Approach: Buy Stocks In Individual Blue Chip Dividend Paying Or Growth Companies

Here’s another way a teenager could use their TFSA.

How Should I Invest In My Tax Free Savings Account, TFSA, After I Have an Emergency Fund?

A TFSA is a great place to invest and a stock-market-mirroring couch potato approach is a good one for many new investors.

What Could or Should a Teenager Do to Invest in a Tax Free Savings Account, TFSA?

Do you want to get a payday loan or open a TFSA?

Will a $11,000 TFSA Limit Balance the Senate Spending Scandal?

Does the TFSA limit increase “promise” have more staying power than the leaving income trusts alone “promise” had?

You Think You’re Fine for Retirement But What Happens If Your Partner Dies Will You Still Have Enough Income? Part 2: Personal Savings (RRSP, RRIF, TFSA, Annuity) Retirement Income

Have you taken these steps with your RRSPs, RRIFs and TFSAs? Do you understand how combining RRIFs can affect your OAS or GIS? And is your partner ready to handle the money?

How to Contribute to Your TFSA Savings Account at Tangerine

It may be time to top up your TFSA if you’re using it as an emergency or short-term savings fund.

It’s Official: Tangerine is Charging a Fee to Transfer your RRSP or TFSA to Another Bank

Tangerine is starting to charge a fee to transfer out your RRSP. Did they provide any required notice of this change? Will they now reimburse your fees to transfer an RRSP in to Tangerine from another bank? I have more questions than answers at this point.

How to Open a Tangerine TFSA Kick Start to Save in the Fall of 2014 for January 2015

If you got paid and therefore have new money to save which you couldn’t deposit to catch the last interest rate promotion from PC Financial or Tangerine, here’s another way to make some extra interest on it.

How to Group Non-Registered, TFSA and RRSP Accounts Under One ID at Investor’s Edge

Ok this is not an inspired post but it’s the first Monday back after vacation: at least it provides useful info for those of us who want to see all of our portfolios after signing in only once.

How to Buy a Mutual Fund at Tangerine for your TFSA, RRSP or Savings

If you want to start index investing with a small amount of money you easily can using Tangerine mutual funds. Here’s how to enroll and buy some units of the Tangerine Balanced Portfolio fund. As I checked into this, I discovered whether I could invest only $1 and whether a teenager could invest their lemonade stand profits.

How Can I Check What the Government Thinks Were My TFSA Contributions and Withdrawals?

Just like it’s worth checking your credit files every few years for oddities, it might be valuable to check what the CRA thinks your TFSA transactions have been. It’s surprisingly easy to do.

ING Direct is Now Tangerine.ca: a Thank You to a Reader and an Update on Tangerine

Why you might need to call your insurance agent and your municipality and what happened to Streetwise and THRiVE plus how to get a bonus or a few bucks in extra interest. And a big thank you!

Retirement Planning: Testing the TD Retirement Savings Calculator

Does TD think I have enough saved to fund our retirement? I’m not sure because using their calculator left me with some unanswered questions.

How Do I Group InvestorLine Accounts Under a User ID and Whose Accounts Can I Group?

If I could convince my neighbour to allow me to see his account balance, portfolio holdings and transaction history, I could add his account to my InvestorLine User ID to achieve the 5 Star Program level and get Level II quotes. Who knew?!

Tracking Your TFSA Contribution Room Can Save You From Harsh Fines

Do you know what the penalties are for over-contributing to your TFSA? Do you use this method to avoid over-contributing?

How Long Will It Take To Transfer My RRSP or TFSA? Are There Rules?

Have you ever wondered if there are any “rules” for how long a transfer should take between “financial institutions?” Here’s what I’ve found out so far, and a summary of some of my personal wait times for transfers.

How Long Does It Take to Transfer a TFSA from ING Direct to BMO InvestorLine?

Do you think the market is going to drop 25% early this year? Is your cash waiting in the correct account ready to buy, buy, buy? Don’t miss the market by having your cash lost in limbo between banks while the market rebounds. Tidy up any transfers today.

How to Buy a GIC in a RBC Direct Investing Online Brokerage Account

As I test how to purchase a GIC at RBC Direct Investing, I discover a bug and compare the process to making the same purchase at BMO InvestorLine or CIBC Investor’s Edge. And do brokerages REALLY think that we will buy a lower-rate-paying GIC from their affiliated bank just because they list that product at the top of the offerings?

How to Buy Units in a High Interest Savings Account Fund at RBC Direct Investing

Is anyone else skittish about investing quickly into these high-priced stock markets? While I’m dithering, I tested parking some cash in a HISA fund at RBC Direct Investing. There were a few differences compared to doing the same at InvestorLine and Investor’s Edge that surprised me.

Should You Save For Your First Home in your TFSA or your RRSP?

Where you should save depends in part on where you have to live. Here’s some interesting math for those who need to live in ghost towns in northern Ontario.

Can I Use My TFSA as Collateral for a Quick Loan?

Why borrowing against a TFSA might make more sense than borrowing to fund a TFSA and other loan-related facts.

TFSA Tips from Gordon Pape: A Review of How TFSAs Can Make You Rich

Gordon Pape answers questions like “Can I use my TFSA as collateral for a loan?” in this new book. Would I recommend reading it?

How Much Can I Contribute to My TFSA? I Turned 18 or Arrived in Canada after 2009

Not everyone is 22 or older nor has been a Canadian Resident their entire life. If you’re a recent immigrant to Canada, a visa student, or you’ve just turned 18, you can check your TFSA contribution limit here if you’ve never made any contributions to a plan.

How Do I Start Getting $9.95 Trades at RBC Direct Investing Now I Have $50 000?

I was surprised and frankly not impressed when I checked into the details of RBC Direct Investing’s $9.95 trades.

Get Ready to Die: Beneficiary and Successor Account Holder Forms for your Online Brokerage Accounts

Are you ready to die? Do you want to shout “hands off my money” at the government as you perish? Do you know the difference between a Successor and a Beneficiary and why it matters? If you’re not part of Canada’s Distinct Society I encourage you to read on.

What’s the Right Way to Invest? TFSA first? RRSP first? Pay down the Mortgage? Non-Registered Account? Gold? Real Estate? Help!

There’s only one correct way to invest your money to succeed….Isn’t there?

How to Buy Units in a High Interest Savings Account Fund in a CIBC Investor’s Edge Account

I’ve decided it’s time to sell my units in the “Greek Government Honest We’ll Pay You Back!” bond fund and move the money into something really exciting: a high interest savings account fund. OK, maybe this is just good information for temporarily parking your cash while waiting to pounce on a great investment.

When Should I Switch to a Self-Directed Brokerage Account? As Soon As It’s “No Fee”

When’s the right time to open a self-directed online discount brokerage account? In my case, about 1.5 years ago: Guess I’d better get cracking.

How to Open a RBC Direct Investing RRSP Account Online

As I filled out my online forms to open a RBC Direct Investing account, I was left pondering questions like: Why can a Minister and a Priest open an account but not an Imam or a Rabbi? Why can I report I am a Homemaker but not a Pharmacist? What do they have against the Energy sector? Who in IT (or more likely “the business” thought it was a good idea to create a screen without a Back or Save button or the standard navigation toolbar? Will I get a personal phone call and a free lunch if I select an income of $10,000,000 and over?

Is the ING Direct 2014 TFSA Kick Start Account a Good Idea and How to Open One

How does opening a TFSA help me pay for my dim sum fix?

Examples of TFSA Portfolio Fees and Commissions Using InvestorLine and Investor’s Edge

Some readers considering opening a TFSA at a brokerage may want to review the costs of setting up one of these example portfolios.

Where Can I Find My US Ledger Stocks in My BMO InvestorLine RRSP or TFSA Account?

I transferred some TD from my Canadian InvestorLine account to my US ledger, then I couldn’t find it. Here’s where to click to see your US holdings easily.

What to Watch for When Transferring a Stock to the US Dollar Side of an InvestorLine Account

Ok here’s an easy post to read and prove to yourself that you are much smarter than I am, although I doubt that was ever in question. AKA “Don’t do what I did when moving a dividend-paying stock to your US dollar sub-account.”

Stocks are Falling: Buy, Buy, Buy!

A strategy for falling markets: Fling a Frisbee!

Checking the Current Real Time Price for an Equity Using BMO InvestorLine

Do you want to know the REAL price of a stock not some ancient history 20-minute-delayed price? Use your InvestorLine account to access up to the several-times-a-minute facts.

How Fast Can I Sell my BMO InvestorLine AAT770 HISA to Generate Cash to Re-invest?

This is what I found out when I tested the speed of a sale of AAT770, BMO’s daily interest savings account no load fund, including the surprise perq on a 7-day investment.

How to Invest in the AAT770 High Daily Interest Savings Account Fund, HISA, at BMO InvestorLine

BMO InvestorLine has a new HISA available with a minimum required balance of $5000. Here’s how to buy some of this fund to deposit your money while you wait for a pullback or the optimum moment to execute your precision 50-bagger trade. (And a cynical observation about how else BMO could have offered interest for cash holdings.)

Investing in the AAT770 Daily High Interest Savings Account Fund, HISA, for BMO InvestorLine RRSP, TFSA and Other Accounts

BMO InvestorLine has made a significant improvement to its HISA option, changing it from the absurd to the reasonably useful. Please read on to learn about this new high interest savings account fund, the rate it pays and the required minimum investment.

How to Buy a GIC in a BMO InvestorLine Account

Lists which types of GICs are sold by BMO InvestorLine, what fees are payable, how to buy one, whether the GICs rollover at maturity, and when to expect interest and principal payments to land in your stash of Cash.

Find out your TFSA Contribution Room Using the CRA Telephone Information Phone System, TIPS

The how, when, where and what to watch out for of using the CRA TIPs system to check your TFSA contribution limit.

Lookup your TFSA Contribution Room Online Using CRA’s Quick Access

Here’s what you need to quickly look up your remaining TFSA contribution room online using the CRA’s Quick Access program. You may want to check this if you think there’s any chance your brokerage has made a mistake.

Questrade the CRA and the Double TFSA 2011 Contribution Confusion

How a computer system change can cause massive confusion for investors.

How to Choose a Self-Directed TFSA Brokerage Account to Minimize Fees and Costs

Compare the fees, including transfer and closing fees, for self-directed TFSAs at brokerages to choose the best place to invest your money.

When is a Guaranteed Investment Certificate not Guaranteed: When GICs Get Risky!

The three scariest things I found when researching a Blue Chip market-linked GIC and why I do not recommend these products.

TFSAs or TFIAs or TFRAs by Any Name Should Smell Sweet

A selection of delectable TFSA articles to tempt your tastes.

How to Choose a Standard Bank Tax Free Savings Account, TFSA, with Minimal or No Fees

Compare the fees, including transfer and closing fees, for regular bank TFSAs to choose the best place to invest your money.

Maximize your TFSA First

With one exception I think most people should maximize their TFSA first, then their RRSP. Here’s why.

How to Transfer Assets to a BMO InvestorLine Account from Another Bank Using a T2033 Form

What do you need to have ready before you transfer assets from one financial institution to your BMO InvestorLine account? How can you fill out the T2033 form and where should you send it? What glitches are likely to happen and how can you prevent some of these annoying mistakes and hold ups? Get the scoop from someone who has slain this paper dragon before.

Are ETFs (Exchange Traded Funds) Better than Mutual Funds?

What are the tax differences between ETFs and mutual funds and the differences in how they DRIP? These and other features are important to examine before making a purchase.

What Is an ETF or Exchange Traded Fund?

What ETFs are, how they’re priced, where you buy them, whether you have to hold them, what the minimum purchase requirements are and other fascinating facts.

How to Set Up Automatic Transfers to an ING Direct Account

Instructions for setting up regular daily, weekly or monthly contributions to an ING account or from an ING account to a RRSP or TFSA. It’s simple and easy. And free!

How to Buy a GIC in a CIBC Investor’s Edge Self-Directed Investing Account

Instructions for reviewing rates and buying GICs within a CIBC Investor’s Edge account to form part of your fixed income holdings.

How to Evaluate Mutual Funds and Choose which Funds to Buy

Are you comparing apples and cows when you try to evaluate 2 mutual funds? How will a fund earn you money and how can you get your hands on it? Is it true mutual funds are named using a random phrase generator? And when did Australia become part of Asia anyway? Read on for these and other details about the murky world of mutual funds.

The Types of Mutual Funds, Why They’re Good, and Quick Buying Tips

Mutual funds don’t just invest in equities. Here are 4 other types of mutual funds that you should consider buying.

How to Make a TFSA Contribution to a BMO InvestorLine Account and How Long It Takes to Get There

Who knew it could take THIS long for an electronic contribution from BMO to BMO to land? Includes instructions.

RRSP Strategies Part 1: How To Best Get your RRSP Money Contributed Before the Tax Deadline

The RRSP deadline is looming and this year you want to contribute but you have no idea how or where. What should you do?

Why Would You Buy This instead of Contributing to an RESP, RRSP, TFSA or Mortgage?

A rant that explores the benefits of contributing to RESPs, charity and RRSPs instead of mindlessly spending on stickers.

What Will I Live On When I Retire if I Have No Savings and Don’t Own a Home?

Low income earners may get this much OAS, GIS and some CPP in retirement.

Why Would It Be Worth Buying or Selling Only a Few Shares?

You may need to buy or sell fewer than 100 shares while maximizing your TFSA or RESP but also as a profitable strategy.

Can I Buy or Sell a Small Number of Shares of a Stock, Say 18?

Is it possible and permitted to buy or sell only a small number of shares in a company’s stock? For example, can I sell 18 shares of CU using BMO Investorline?