How to Save your Account Transaction History for a CIBC Investor’s Edge Account

Recently I’ve been organizing and backing up our financial records for posterity. After all, I’m sure after the universities finish poring over Mr. Warren Buffet’s records for inspiration and insights they’ll come knocking on our door. (Not?) One record I find useful to keep on file is our transaction history for our CIBC Investor’s Edge account. This makes it simple to reference when and why money moved in to or out of our trading account. Although we have the same information in other places, I like this format. Here’s how I made a copy of the transaction history in Excel and saved it on a DVD.

How to Save the Transaction History for your CIBC Investor’s Edge Account

  1. Sign on to your account/s.
    1. Go to
    2. In the User ID field, type your User ID.
    3. In the Password field, type your password.
    4. Click on the Sign On button.
  2. From the link list on the left side of the screen, under Account Information, click on Transaction History.
  3. Click on the custom range tab.
    1. From the From: drop-down lists, select the oldest permitted month, day and year.
    2. From the To: drop-down lists, make sure the most recent permitted date is selected or modify it.
    3. To list the transactions for that period, click on the Search button.

    If you selected a date that is earlier than the available data, the system will correct it to the earliest possible date and reply with the message:
    “Please note: Transaction History can only display transactions as far back as 13 months ago. Your From Date has been changed to the earliest possible date and the results are being displayed accordingly.”

  4. Above the display is a red link titled Download Transactions with a small downward facing arrow beside it. Click on this link.
  5. The Opening Transaction_History.xls window will appear.
    You will be prompted to either

    • Open the file with a spreadsheet program like Microsoft Office Excel; or
    • Save File

    Personally, I prefer to open the file first.

    1. Click to select the radio button beside your preferred choice.
    2. Then click the OK button.
    3. If you chose to open the file, your spreadsheet program will open a window with the data displayed.
  6. You may see some ########## fields. That just means your column is too narrow to display the information. You can click on the narrow vertical line between two columns and pull the column to the right to widen it. You should then see proper values in the cells of that column. Repeat as desired.
  7. After checking the data is what you expect, you can save it.
    1. While holding down the Ctrl key, press S.
    2. You will be warned that you need to give the file a new name to save it. To dismiss the warning, click OK.
    3. In the Save As window
    • In the File Name: field, type a new name for the transaction history file.
    • In the Save as type: field, select the type of file to save it as. For example, I selected Excel Workbook.
    • Click on the Save button.
  8. If you are finished with your Investor’s Edge account, click on the Sign Off link.
  9. For extra security, close your Browser session.

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Do you find the Transaction History is useful when you are reviewing your InvestorLine account? Or do the e-statements meet your needs better? Please share your experiences with a comment.

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