Spooky! A Series of Financial Articles for Hallowe’en

I continue to wait for my RBC Direct Investing account to open. Actually, October 24 they welcomed me aboard with an email and invited me to start using my new account. There’s just one problem: I haven’t received my account number or password yet. Apparently they come by Canada Post. The login information screen says I’ll “receive one in the mail shortly.” It’s the October 30 today but still no sign of it. Sigh.

So I have lots of time to do some reading around the internet. Here’s a few Hallowe’en related articles I found to share.

Big Cajun Man explains how the best way to save money at Hallowe’en is to go out for a few hours, preferably with a pillowcase. He didn’t say it, but I expect he thinks you should have nets in front of the house to catch the eggs, too, so you can use them for breakfast.

Squawkfox let out her inner Swedish Chef one Hallowe’en past and created gruesome but edible treats. Check out the Big Eyed Frog at Recipes: Gross, Easy, and Fun Halloween Foods for Kids.

Canadian Budget Binder lists every conceivable way to save money but still have fun at Halloween, but more importantly asks Would You Pay $40.00 For a Can of Soup?

Gordon Pape considered Finance Minister Flaherty’s surprise Hallowe’en announcement on income trusts to be proof you can’t trust what anyone says during an election. Fortunately, many Canadian trusts survived in a new form but pensioners lost a great source of income.  With another election looming in the not too distant future, it’s something to keep in mind.

Dividend Ninja also explored that dark time in Canada’s investing history in What Happened to the Income Trusts?

And for those of us who care about the world we live in, some really spooky news: Bats may become extinct.

Perhaps the worst part is knowing the most likely cause is humans who didn’t wash their boots after exploring caves in Europe before exploring caves in North America. Some simple hygiene could have saved millions of lives.

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