Tangerine Bank Offers a Free e-Book Copy of the Wealthy Barber Returns

I recently downloaded a free copy of The Wealthy Barber Returns from the Tangerine website—you may want to also before December 31, 2016.

Who Is The Wealthy Barber and From Where Is He Returning?

Way back when it was fairly new, I read a library book called The Wealthy Barber. It was written before discount brokerage accounts were easily available, before the internet was widely used and before ETFs existed. In the book, the author pointed out that saving first, automatically so you wouldn’t really notice the money getting taken, into a very diverse number of stocks could help you become modestly rich by retirement. I liked the diversity idea, and bought some units in a relatively low-fee mutual fund that mimicked the Toronto Stock exchange from a Big Canadian bank which was a reasonably good choice in those days.

Now the financial landscape has changed significantly. If you have $10 000 to $15 000 you can open a discount online brokerage account with no annual fees or charges. In your account, you can buy units of Exchange Traded Funds, ETFs, where you can see exactly what price you will be paying because the sale takes place immediately, not at the close of the day. You can find ETFs which have extremely low fees, such as some of the Vanguard and Blackrock funds. And you can find ETFs that hold a very diverse number of stocks, for example a fund that mimics the S&P TSX-Composite Index, or similar indices in New York or in stock exchanges around the world.

So the author of The Wealthy Barber decided to write an updated book. He or his publisher coined the name “The Wealthy Barber Returns.” I guess he’s returned to the book shelves at your local library. And to the cloud called the internet, in e-book form.

The Wealthy Barber himself is a fictional character. He’s an every day person with a modest-income job who manages to save his way to a nice retirement lifestyle.

Why I Keep an Eye on the RedFlagDeals Personal Finance Forum

I check the posts on the RedFlagDeals personal finance discussion website as a hobby. I cringe reading confessions of over-spending and bad credit. I wince reading the cynicism some commenters exhibit when discussing matrimony and common law relationships. And I get interested when I read about good high interest rate promotions at banks or good new information about pensions and cutting costs.

Last week, I noticed a post there which included a link to the Tangerine website. Apparently Tangerine is offering free electronic copies of the e-Book “The Wealthy Barber Returns.” Although I have already borrowed the book from the library and read it, I went and downloaded a copy. It’s a book for which I don’t mind using a few KB of storage.

If you’d like a copy, the link is
A Gift from Tangerine To You

You might want to visit the RedFlagDeals post and click on Thanks to the original poster, if you download the book.

I don’t know when Tangerine will take down the offer. The book was available on Monday September 26, 2016. It might be gone at any time. The deadline on their website says “By December 31 2016.” If I notice it’s been removed, I will update this post, but I don’t intend to keep a careful watch on the site. (Perhaps if you notice it’s gone you could add a comment here to warn me? If so, you’d have my thanks and that of other readers!)

Now I’m going to make a cup of tea and re-read it.

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