How to Check Your CAASCO Account Including CAA Dollar Balance Online

Now that I’ve requested a conversion of some of my Petro-Points into CAA dollars, I need to know when it has happened. Then I can buy a gift membership to the CAA for my Mom. I decided to set up an online account with CAASCO so I can check whether my CAA Dollar Balance has bumped up without having to keep phoning in.

Create a CAA Online Account to Check Your Roadside Call Usage and CAA Dollar Balance

You can also check how many times you’ve called in to CAA to request help this year using your Online Account That might be handy because you have a limited number of calls per year for tows, boosts, gasoline delivery and lockouts. If you’ve used your entire limit you might want to call CAA to discuss a change in your membership level so you’re still protected.

And, as I mentioned, you can check how many CAA dollars are in your account.

  1. Go to the CAASCO website.
  2. Click on the Create an Account link near the upper right side of the screen.
  3. Click to select the radio button beside either
    * Yes, I’m a CAA Member; or
    * No, I’m not a CAA Member
  4. In the CAA Membership #: field, type your number
  5. In the
    * First Name: field,
    * Last Name: field,
    * Postal Code: field,
    type your information.
  6. Click on the Next button.

In the Online Account Information section

  1. In the Username: field, type the name you wish to use to sign in.
  2. In the Password: field, type the password you want to use for your CAA account.
  3. In the Confirm Password: field, type it again.
  4. From the drop-down list, select a Security Question:
  5. In the Security Answer: field, type your response.

In the Personal Information Section

Review your Name, date of birth, and email address are correct.

Re-type your address in the Confirm Email Address: field.
Yes, you will have to type it in ALL CAPS or you’ll get an error message.

In the Contact Information Section

Check the information is correct.

If desired, click to not select receiving eLetters and Travel email.

Click on the Create Account button.

After a few moments the My Account page will open.

On the My Account Page

You can review

  • your membership type and cost,
  • the date you need to renew,
  • your membership number,
  • how many roadside calls you’ve made,
  • and your CAA Dollars balance.

Unfortunately, mine is still 0 so the Petro-Points conversion $$ still aren’t here.

Click on the Logout link.

Clear your cache and close your browser session.

UPDATE: On the morning of the third business day after I requested the conversion of Petro-Points to CAA Dollars, the dollars appeared in my CAASCO account. So the 72 hours that is mentioned on the Petro-Points website must mean business hours.

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I checked my CAA Account online and it said I had 0 Extractions so far this year. Ha! Little to they know but I’ve had 2 wisdom teeth out and now I’m only half as smart as I thought I was. Have you ever checked the facts on your CAA Account? Please share your views with a comment.

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