When Will I Get My Tax Refund after I NETFILE Using StudioTax or GenuTax Standard 2014?

Several tax returns for the 2014 tax year were all filed on the same day using NETFILE in April 2015. It was interesting to find out when the tax payers got their tax refunds.

How Soon Did They Get Their Tax Refunds?

The tax returns were filed using the CRA online filing process called NETFILE on Friday April 17.

The tax refunds were deposited on Friday April 24
(One person’s passbook was updated on Saturday April 25. It said the money was going to be deposited on Monday April 27!)

So it took one week for the returns to be processed and the refunds to be direct deposited into the bank.

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Did you receive a tax refund this year? How soon did it arrive after you filed your tax return? Please share your experience with a comment.

4 thoughts on “When Will I Get My Tax Refund after I NETFILE Using StudioTax or GenuTax Standard 2014?

  1. Used GenuTax prepare and NETFILE my 2014 tax return on March 18, 2014 – well before the April 30 tax filing deadline. Direct deposit refund was received six weeks later on May 1, 2014. Refund was substantial, because I made a big RRSP contribution in the Fall of 2013, otherwise the return was quite simple.
    I suspect that the bigger the amount the longer it takes CRA to process the return.

    • It’s certainly possible. It’s also possible that some years they got so many NETFILED returns at the same time that the system slows down. I’m glad it worked well for you.

  2. I filed on march 2nd 2016 (opening day). Last year i received my return in 8 days.

    it’s now April 6th and still haven’t received it.

    • Have you signed in to your CRA My Account to check that the status of your return is “received?” That seems a bit long compared to what others have mentioned to me. Hopefully you’ll get an update tomorrow!

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