Using Your RBC Direct Investing Account for the First Time

Ok, on October 16, I mailed in my application for a RBC Direct Investing RRSP account. On October 24, they sent me an email welcoming me and telling me I could use my account the next business day, October 25. It didn’t have an account number or a client card number, though, so I couldn’t do anything. Then on October 31, I received a client card in the mail. Closer! But without the account number I still couldn’t do anything. Finally today, November 1, I have received my Welcome Kit in the mail. It has my account number. It’s time to finally access my RBC Direct Investing account for the first time.

For those of you who are trying to do the math, I finally have all the numbers I need to sign in 12 business days after I mailed in my application. That’s actually pretty fast for a brokerage.

To Sign In to your RBC DI Account for the First Time

Have your client card number and your account number handy.

  1. Go to
  2. On the left side of the screen, click on the Sign In button.
  3. On the next screen, beside the Sign In button, click on the link: First Time Sign In.
  4. On the screen
    • In the Client Card Number: field, type your number.
    • In the Account #: field, type the first 8 digits of your number with no spaces or hyphens.
    • In the Postal Code: field, type the postal code used in your application with NO SPACES.
    • From the drop-down lists, select the year, month and day of your date of birth.

    Click on the Continue button.

On the First Time Sign In – Select Password screen

  1. Check your client card number is correct.
  2. In the Enter your password: field, type your choice of a password of 8-32 characters. You can use some special characters as well as letters and numbers.
  3. In the Re-enter your password: field, type it again.
  4. If desired, in the Email Address: (Optional) field, type your email address.
  5. Click on the Continue button.

The First Time Sign in – Complete screen should state your password was accepted.

To actually sign in to your account
Click on the link: Proceed to sign into RBC Direct Investing Online.

On the Sign in to RBC Direct Investing TM Online screen

  1. In the Client Card Number field, type your number.
  2. Do not click on the selection box for Remember My Client Card Number.
    Why make it easier for someone to hack into your account?!
  3. In the Password field, type your new password.
  4. In the Go to: field, select your choice from the drop-down list, from the choices
    • Pre-set Home Page
    • Summary
    • Order Status
    • My Portfolios
    • Markets Overview
    • Stock Order Entry
    • Mutual Fund Screeners
    • Mutual Fund Order Entry
    • Fixed Income Screeners
    • Fixed Income Advanced Search
    • Option Order Entry
  5. Then click on the Sign in button.

And you’re in! Time to start looking around the screen to see what’s where.

Fascinatingly enough, exactly after I set up my account, I received an email claiming to be from RBC asking me to click a link to Please Sign in to complete the verification process and ensure you fill in the required information.

Of course this was a PHISHING attack! The timing was a little spooky though. I reported the email to RBC at:

What’s Next? Trying to Use RBC Direct Investing!

Unfortunately, although the account is now set up I am still waiting. I am funding the account by transferring in funds from a RSP Investment Savings Account at ING Direct. I figure that they could not send my T2033 to ING until they assigned my account number on or about October 31. So it may be a few weeks before I can use one of my “free” trades.

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Do you use RBC Direct Investing as your brokerage? Are there any things you’d like to warn me about before I start using my account? Please share your views with a comment.

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    • I wish my funds would transfer in so I could start testing how the platform works in real time with real money! Hopefully, I’ll have some info well ahead of RRSP season for people considering where to open a new account.

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