Thanks to a Special Financial Crooks Reader for the ING Direct Bonus Interest!

Some kind reader has joined ING Direct, now, using my Orange Key Code. As a result, I will now earn bonus interest on my savings for 90 days. This was very kind of the reader! I also received a $25 bonus from ING Direct for the referral.

Of course I will have to pay taxes on both the bonus and the increased interest, in case anyone is interested.

If anyone else is considering joining ING Direct, I’d love it if you would also use my referral number.

Yes, we bank with among other places. If you open your first account ever with Tangerine (or ING Direct) using our Orange Key below, and deposit $100 before January 31, 2018, you and we will both get a cash bonus of $50 each. (Yes, they did extend the promotion for another few months!) All you have to do is enter the Orange Key 46470587S1 when you are opening your Account, and you’re set to go.

Just copy our Orange Key, then click on this Tangerine link to see the details and apply for an account. (Note: it only applies to people with no existing or previous accounts with Tangerine or ING Direct.)
Image of Tangerine Orange Key Ad

2 thoughts on “Thanks to a Special Financial Crooks Reader for the ING Direct Bonus Interest!

  1. I enjoy, appreciate and thank you for your articles.
    I would like to suggest that you put DATES on them,
    so that readers can better assess them.

    • I ran into some problems when I had dates so I try to embed a reference date in the article if I can, instead. Sorry it’s not the ideal solution.

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