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Comparing Tangerine.ca with PC Financial

The two online low-to-no fee banks that are accessible to (almost) all Canadians are Tangerine.ca and PC Financial. I have accounts at both.

Which Is Better Tangerine or Simplii Financial?

Which is Better Tangerine or PC Financial?

Optimizing Short Term Interest Rates Using Tangerine and PC Financial

Bank Accounts

For All Tangerine Bank Accounts

Business Accounts

Chequing Accounts

Opening Chequing Accounts

Paying Bills and Transferring Money

Using Cheques

Savings Accounts

US Dollar Accounts

Other Products

Guaranteed Investment Certificates, GICs


  • [What’s Good about Mortgages from Tangerine?]

Mutual Funds

The mutual funds sold by Tangerine used to be called the Streetwise Funds when they were sold by ING Direct.

Registered Education Savings Plans, RESPs

As of October 2014, Tangerine does not offer a Registered Education Savings Plan. I have asked them to start offering one, though!

Registered Retirement Income Funds, RRIFs

  • [The benefits of a RRIF at Tangerine]

Registered Retirement Savings Plans, RRSPs

Making RRSP Contributions at Tangerine

Transferring RRSPs from Tangerine Out

Transferring RRSPs from Another Place In to Tangerine

Tax-Free Savings Accounts, TFSAs

Death and Taxes

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Until 2014, Tangerine was called ING Direct Canada. You’ll see the name ING Direct used in some of the older article titles for this reason although the content has been updated where necessary.

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Yes, we bank with Tangerine.ca among other places. If you open your first account ever with Tangerine (or ING Direct) using our Orange Key below, and deposit $100 before April 30, 2018, you and we will both get a cash bonus of $50 each. (Yes, they did extend the promotion for another few months!) All you have to do is enter the Orange Key 46470587S1 when you are opening your Account, and you’re set to go.

Just copy our Orange Key, then click on this Tangerine link to see the details and apply for an account. (Note: it only applies to people with no existing or previous accounts with Tangerine or ING Direct.)
Image of Tangerine Orange Key Ad