Blanket Race: Who Is the Best Online Retailer Walmart or Amazon?

As the unexpected warmth of November fades into the routine December chill, I decided we needed to get two new Vellux blankets for a twin bed and a queen. As usual for online shopping, I signed in to Great Canadian Rebates before clicking through to see what was on offer at They had Vellux blankets in various sizes and in a surprising number of prices. I then checked the prices at for comparison. I ended up ordering one blanket from each vendor and now the race is on: who has the best price and who will have the fastest delivery—Walmart or Amazon?

Check Prices Before Ordering Vellux Blankets Online or In Store

The first place I saw Vellux blankets in store was at the Sears near me which is closing as the chain is in receivership. The liquidation was starting with just 20% off the original list price for the blankets. I knew that was a bad deal as Sears routinely put all its household linens on sale for around 50% off. So I decided to wait until they were at least 75% off.

Then, I decided to check online. As I suspected, the price at was more than 50% off the Sears price, included free shipping, and wouldn’t require weeks of waiting and wondering whether the blankets had already sold.

Out of curiosity, I then compared Walmart’s prices with those on Amazon. The pricing on was fascinating: they had different prices for the Twin blankets depending on the colour! Yet all of them were being sold by and shipped by


Who Had the Best Price for Vellux Blankets?

Strangely, each store had the best price on a blanket, depending on the size.
I could get a twin Vellux for 34.99 (ivory) or 38.99 (Wedgewood blue) from The same blanket was 49.96 on

I could get a king Vellux in several colours for 59.96 from (A King blanket is larger than a Queen so it gives you extra at the sides and top to cuddle into.) The same blanket was 89.95 and up on

Who Has the Best Delivery for Vellux Blankets?

By ordering the blue blanket (which suited the room) from, I could get it shipped for free. So I did.

I also got free shipping for the King blanket from

Now the race is on: which blanket will arrive first? Or will they both arrive on the same day?

I’ll update this post when they arrive.

UPDATE: Too funny! They arrived within 3 hours of each other. The Walmart one arrived first, then the Amazon one. Both were in great shape and I’m pleased.

A Small Extra Saving from on Vellux

I also ordered the blanket from after arriving there via the link on my Great Canadian Rebates home page. That means I will get a small percentage of the purchase cost back from GCR. Unfortunately, right now Walmart is not an available store through GCR so I won’t be getting any additional rebate from them.

If you want to join GCR, if you sign up using my referral link, you will get the same benefits as if you signed up directly, but I will also get a small percentage reward for any purchases you make. (I’ll never know who you are, though, or what you bought. It’s just mystery money that appears in my account.) To join via my link, just click on this link to go to their website: Join Great Canadian Rebates and reward yourself and Financial Crooks. Or read more about it in this article How to Join Great Canadian Rebates.

And now I wait with shivering toes for the arrival of my cozy new blankets.

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How Does Walmart Online Shopping and FlexDelivery with Free Pickup at Canada Post Work? A Review

A recent present I wanted to buy was an iPod case in a specific colour and pattern that was ideal for the person who wanted it. That specific Exian case was on the Staples, Walmart and Amazon websites but was not available for in store purchase at any of them. The only one offering free shipping for the item, at the time I made my purchase, was It offered free shipping to any nearby Canada Post location where I would have to go to pick it up, or free delivery to my home by Canada Post. It was more convenient, and sneaky, for me to pick the item up at a Canada Post location inside my nearby Shoppers Drug Mart. So I signed in to Great Canadian Rebates, clicked through to, and ordered the iPod 5 case for free Flex Delivery to the Canada Post location for pickup: here’s how it went.

Remember You Can Get a Buck or Two Back On Many Purchases Via Great Canadian Rebates

As I’ve written before, if you are buying something online anyway, if you start your shopping expedition by signing into your account at GreatCanadian and then clicking through to your store of choice, you can often get 0.5-4% of your purchase price back in gift certificates.

So  I started my shopping at I signed in using my email address and password, then I selected from the QuickLinks drop-down list.

That took my to the website.

How Easy Is It to Online Shop at

I used Walmart’s search box to find the iPod cover easily. In the text box labelled “What product are you looking for?” I typed iPod 5 and clicked on the magnifying glass icon.

The case I was looking for came up on the first search page. I clicked on it, then clicked on the Add to Cart button.

The sales process was quite straight forward.

I typed in my email address and clicked the Next button.

I clicked to select Pick up at Walmart Grab& Go or Canada Post Office.

I typed in my First and Last Name and the postal code to find a pickup location nearby.

I clicked to select the nearest Shoppers Drug Mart which has a Post Office inside.

I clicked the Next button.

After reviewing the order and the cost, which included no cost shipping, I selected my credit card type, and entered my credit card data.

I typed in my billing name, address and phone number.

Then I clicked on the Place Order button.

They emailed my receipt with a confirmation number immediately.

How Did the Canada Post FlexDelivery Free Parcel Pickup Service Work? A Review

The next day, I received a Canada Post email advising me that my order had been received for shipping and providing me with a tracking number.

Although the item was sent by “expedited” mail, I notice that it was received into a Canada Post facility on a Friday afternoon and did not move again till Monday morning.

Two days before the “expected delivery date” I was advised by email that my item was ready for pickup at my nearby Shoppers Drug Mart.

As advised, I took a piece of government issued photo I.D. with me and walked over to the Post Office. (The email delivery notification did provide me with a letter I could use to authorize someone else to pickup the item if I wished.)

Somewhat to my surprise, given the large number of parcels they were managing that week, my Canada Post outlet had no trouble finding the package. I did have to show my id, not just the notification letter, but after that the envelope was in my hand and I was wandering through the aisles trying to remember if we needed any toothpaste or President’s Choice items.

Overall, I’d rank the FlexDelivery service as excellent. One delivery isn’t really a big test but it was a small package during a very busy time of year and it arrived early and undamaged.

I’d try it again.

UPDATE: In July 2016 Walmart is no longer listed as a store from which I can buy stuff through Great Canadian Rebates. I hope they will be available again in the future!

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