It’s Easy to Save If You’re Rich

Like most Canadians, I try to keep our costs under control when we’re on vacation. On the other hand, I’ve made a point of saving on boring necessities all year so that I can enjoy things that matter more to me when I’m taking a break. So I didn’t flinch to pay $56 to gain admission to an amazing museum crammed full of dinosaurs, luminous scorpions, Flashlight fish, Dall’s rams, Ruddy ducks, and where I could weigh myself in hummingbirds or checkout the groceries needed to fatten up a Grizzly for the winter. (Ok, I did use my CAA membership bought with Petro-Points to save a bit at the museum: I’m still cheap frugal.) Still, as we’ve wandered around exploring new worlds and new civilizations and boldly going where too many have gone before, I’ve noticed something: It’s much easier to save time, money and exasperation-causing stress if you’re rich. Continue reading