Do I Want my Retirement Income to Come From Dividends and Interest or Capital and Growth?

For many years, I hoped to retire on the income generated by our fixed income investments. Since 2008, however, the rates paid by these types of investments have drifted down so low I’ve had to re-consider our options. I’ve been trying to decide whether we now intend to retire on income from our dividends and interest payments or whether we intend to live off primarily the capital gains and principal generated by selling part of our holdings: and I need to understand how that will affect what we choose to invest in now before we retire.

Do You Plan on Living Off What Your Capital Earns or on Living Off the Capital Itself?

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How to Use StudioTax 2013 for a Simple Retired Person’s Tax Return (T4AOAS, T4AP, T4A, T4RIF, T5)

Recently I had a chance to test using StudioTax 2013 for a retired relative’s tax return. This relative had already calculated her taxes using a pencil, the paper forms and a calculator. I used her T slips and her personal information to complete the same tax return using StudioTax 2013. Here’s how I did that and what the results were. Continue reading