How to Link My Tangerine Account to my EQ Bank Account for Faster Transfers

When I first opened my savings account at EQ Bank they were paying 3% interest and you could not set up to transfer money directly into the account, you had to “pull” it in by requesting the transfer from EQ. I prefer to “push” money rather than “pull” it because it usually reduces how long the funds are “on hold” after they land in the destination account. Sometime along the line, EQ Bank started letting customers push money in so it’s time for me to set up the link to my Tangerine account let me make faster transfers easily.

What Do I Need to Know To Link My Tangerine and EQ Bank Accounts?

To create a link within my Tangerine bank profile, I need to know some info about my account at EQ Bank, specifically

  • the EQ bank institution number
  • the EQ bank transit number
  • the EQ bank savings account number

Since the EQ Bank account is a savings account, I don’t have a cheque for it to get those numbers from. I found them two places, one in a RedFlagDeals post, the other on EQ Banks own site.

To see them on the EQ site, you can

  • Check under the Pay & Transfer link
  • Under the Pay & Transfer link, click on the Pre-authorized transfers link.
    Your account number/s, transit and institution number will be displayed.


  • Click on one of your savings accounts.
  • Within it, you should see a button called Set up direct deposit.
  • Click on the Set up direct deposit button.
  • It will list your account number, transit number and institution number.

As of October 2, 2017:

  • The EQ bank institution number is 623
  • The EQ bank transit number is 80002
  • Your EQ bank savings account number will vary from mine!

How to Create the Link from Tangerine to EQ Bank to Move Money Between Bank Accounts

Sign in to Tangerine.

At the top right side of the screen, click on your name to see the drop-down list of choices.

Click on Profile & Settings.

On the horizontal bar of links across the top of the page select External Accounts.

Click on the Add Account button.

The Add External Account Page
NOTE: No you are not allowed to connect your own personal account to that of a friend, relative, business, or other person.

Type the following information in the appropriate text field:

  • Transit number
    80002 for EQ
  • Institution Number
    623 for EQ
  • Account Number
    your EQ bank account number
  • Account Number to Confirm
    your EQ bank account number, again

Click to select the dot beside

  • “I confirm that the information provided above is for a personal bank account in my name.”

Click on the Next button.

The Review the External Account Information Page

Tangerine will respond with the name and mailing address of EQ Bank and your account number. Check it’s all correct.

If it’s ok, click on the Submit button.

The Account Added Page
Read over the information about the small deposits Tangerine will make into your newly linked account.

Click on the Done button.

If you’ve finished banking with Tangerine for today, under your abbreviated name, click on the Log Out link.

Clear your browser cache and close your browser session, if desired for more security.

And Now You Wait
Once Tangerine makes two deposits into your EQ Bank account you can confirm the link. Until then, you’ll have to wait, just like I’m waiting now!

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Join In
Have you linked your savings accounts to try to get the best interest rate possible? Please share your strategy with a comment.

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