How to Set the Credit Score Monitoring Alert Settings for Your Equifax Account

When our credit card information became at risk of being stolen and misused due to a security breach at Home Depot, we applied for and received a free Equifax Credit Protection Plan. The only thing was I wasn’t sure what we needed to set up or do once we had an id and password. We knew we wanted to pounce on any inexplicable changes in our Credit Score, though, so one of the first features I evaluated was how to set up the credit score monitoring alert system for our Equifax account. Continue reading

What Happens When Your Credit Card is Used Illegally and Fraudulently?

We knew it had to happen sometime in our lifetime, but my husband and I were still shocked to open our credit card statement last month and find thousands of dollars charged on it. Even stranger, it was charged to the secondary card issued to me. I buy gas once or twice a month on the card, in order to take advantage of a discount, and rarely anything else. Here’s what happened to us when we reported the illegal use of our card. Continue reading