Why You Should Group Your BMO InvestorLine Accounts Under a Single User ID

If every account you have at InvestorLine has over $500,000 in it, this article doesn’t apply to you. On the other hand, if you have that much money at InvestorLine, why do you even need to read articles on my website? You could stimulate the economy by paying someone else read them for you. For the rest of us, here’s why you should group your BMO InvestorLine accounts under a single User ID.

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How Do I Get $9.95 Trades for my RESP Account at BMO InvestorLine

So I opened a RESP account at BMO InvestorLine. We already had other accounts there with enough in them to qualify them for $9.95 trades. (At InvestorLine you need to have at least $50 000 in your account or in your accounts in total.) Although I added the account to my User ID and requested it be included in the calculations for the 5 Star Trader program in the future, nothing happened in the next few days to give me the Flat Trading Fee rate. So I wrote InvestorLine using the MyLink Secure email service. Here’s how they said I can get the $9.95 trades for my RESP account.

BMO InvestorLine Better Beware RBC Direct Investing and TD Direct Investing Are Making a Better Offer!

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