Charitable Tax Receipts

As our final T-slips arrived last week, I’ve started pulling together the massive pile of paper that I’ll need to calculate our taxes. The stack of dental and eye doctor receipts are generally useless but the stack of charitable receipts is worth a good ka-ching. That’s what gives me the incentive to make sure that I’ve found them all.

The Danger of E-Receipts for Charitable Donations

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An Exploration of the Many Ways of Giving

Today I dropped off our Christmas Hamper to be delivered this weekend to a family in our town. (Although the hampers are organized by our church, the recipients don’t have to attend any place of worship to receive one. In fact, many recipients have no connection to any faith group.) I like performing this annual gifting although I know it only ensures one good day for a family. (Well, one week the way we stock the hamper.) Consequently, we give year round to other charities supporting people in our community who don’t have what they genuinely *need* to survive. (Krystal Yee is running an interesting poll on what we think we actually *need* if you’re interested in adding your opinion.)

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