Stocking Up on Dividends: a Roundup of High Yielding Articles

Earlier this week I wrote about a “reasonable facsimile” for an annuity in
How Can I Buy an Annuity Without Giving Away my Principal?

It seems dividends were on many others minds as well.

My Own Advisor reported on his dividend portfolio’s May performance. I think he’s well on his way to a comfortable retirement—perhaps even a luxurious one.

Bell stock has dropped about $4/share this month. Is it connected to the new CRTC rules about mobile charges?  Bell claimed it already does everything in the new code when interviewed by CTV news. So far no signs of a cut to that lovely dividend. The current yield is back over 5%.

Echo at Boomer and Echo scared the *$*%* out of many of his faithful readers by announcing his intention to sell all his divvies and buy choice selections from a “Top 10 Penny Stocks” list he found left under his windshield wiper.

The annual dividend for Canadian Utilities, CU, will be cut in half this weekend! Fortunately, so will the stock price as the company is splitting the shares 2 for 1. So the yield stays the same. I’m actually hoping the yield will fall this coming week: In other words I’m hoping the price of the split shares will rise.

Big Cajun Man pointed out that if we could find a way to invest in universities we could be onto some real money.

Michael James on Money made a dividend through sheer brain power.

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