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Simplii Financial is a CIBC company. They opened November 1, 2017, with all of the former accounts from PC Financial moving seamlessly into Simplii Financial.

We have bank accounts at Simplii Financial (formerly PC Financial) and at Tangerine (formerly ING Direct Canada.)

Comparing Tangerine with Simplii Financial

The two online low-to-no fee banks that are accessible to (almost) all Canadians are Tangerine and Simplii Financial. I have accounts at both.

Which is Better Tangerine or Simplii Financial?

Optimizing Short Term Interest Rates Using Tangerine and Simplii Financial

Bank Accounts

For All SIMPLII Financial Bank Accounts

Business Accounts

As of November 2017, Simplii Financial does not offer any business bank accounts or accounts for non-profit organizations.

(Tangerine does offer Business Savings Accounts but not Business Chequing Accounts as of November, 2017.)

Chequing Accounts

Opening Chequing Accounts

Paying Bills and Transferring Money

Using Cheques

Savings Accounts

US Dollar Accounts

As of November 2017, Simplii Financial does not offer US dollar savings or chequing accounts.

If you withdraw money in US dollars, which can be done from some CIBC bank machines, you will pay a fee and an exchange rate for the money. If you deposit US dollars into your Simplii Financial account you will pay a fee and an exchange rate because they will convert the funds to Canadian dollars.

Other Products

Guaranteed Investment Certificates, GICs


Mutual Funds

Registered Education Savings Plans, RESPs

Registered Retirement Income Funds, RRIFs

Registered Retirement Savings Plans, RRSPs

Making RRSP Contributions at Simplii Financial

Transferring Out RRSPs from Simplii Financial

Tax-Free Savings Accounts, TFSAs

Death and Taxes

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