How To Set Stock and Price Alerts for your CIBC Investor’s Edge Account

After setting your Preferences for all Alerts from Investor’s Edge, you can set up alerts for specific stocks using Stock Alerts. Stock Alerts use prices that are delayed at least 15 minutes from real time. Alerts are emailed to you.

For detailed instructions about setting up your Alert Preferences, please review the first section of How to Set Market Alerts for your CIBC Investor’s Edge Account.

In general, click on Quotes and Research, then click on My Alerts. In the Preferences section, type your email address or addresses in the appropriate fields. If desired , enter your Wireless Address, being aware that each Alert may result in multiple text messages each incurring a charged from your service provider. Select in which format, HTML or Text, to receive alerts. When your selections are correct, click on the Save button.

Setting a Stock Alert and a Stock Price Alert for your Investor’s Edge Account

On the My Alerts page, click on the Stocks tab.

From the drop-down list select Canadian or US for the stock market of interest.

In the Add New Alert (Enter Symbol) field, type the trading code for the stock of interest and press Enter or click on the Go button.
For example, I typed: BCE
A new page will be presented listing all of the choices for Stock Alerts for this stock.

Choose which Stock Alerts you wish from the following list and select the appropriate limit values. If you need to type in data, I have indicated it with the symbol ***.

In the Price and Volume Alerts section

  • Price drops below *** or rises above ***
    The program will tell you the last price and the daily change as a value and as a percentage for the selected stock.
  • Price gap [Up; Down] At opening trade
  • P/E drops below *** or rises above ***
    The program will tell you the current P/E ratio for the selected stock.
  • Reaches a new 52-week [High; Low; High or Low]
    The program will tell you what percentage the selected stock is off its 52-week High or Low and what date that High or Low was reached.
  • Price changes [+/- 2.5; 5; 10; 20%;] from previous close
    The program will tell you the previous close and the date of that close.
  • Crosses its [30 day] moving average
  • Changes [+/- 2.5; 5; 10; 20%;] faster than the [S&P TSX/Composite; DJIA; NASDAQ] over the last [7; 14 days]
  • Trading volume exceeds 10 day avg by [10; 20; 30; 40; 50%]
  • RSI over bought/sold
  • RSI under bought/sold
  • Stock split announced

In the Earnings Estimates section

  • Quarterly earnings estimates announced
    The program will tell you the date of the most recent announcement.
  • Annual earnings estimates announced
    The program will tell you the date of the most recent announcement.

In the News Alerts section

  • News stories from Reuters (in depth stories, breaking news and analysis by email)

In the Analyst Reports Alerts section

  • Analyst reports for all providers (Company-based analyst research)

NOTE: In addition to setting the parameters for an Alert you MUST also click the check mark box beside the item or the Alert will not get set.

When you have made all of your selections, click on the Save button.

Once you have set a Stock Alert It will be listed on the Overview tab page.
To Edit or Delete it, you can click on the appropriate link on the Overview page.

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