Using Free INTERAC e-Transfers to Email Money and Pay Bills from Simplii Financial

Simplii Financial starts closing the service gap between itself and Tangerine by offering free email money transfers to pay bills or send money to friends and relatives in Canada.

Canadian Interest Rates Are Rising: Should I Sell My PH&N Bond Fund Units in My Pension Plan?

There are times that I wish I was psychic.

What Can I Do with the Cash in the US Dollar Side of my Portfolio at BMO InvestorLine?

If you aren’t spending it, at least try to get some interest for it.

Journalling (or Moving) Shares from the Canadian Dollar to the US Dollar Portfolio in a BMO InvestorLine Account

Time to tidy up my distribution and dividend payments.

New CRA Scam: an Email Called Pending Tax Refund

Here’s the newest CRA-related scam trying to steal your money.

What To Do With the Cash in My RRSP and TFSA Brokerage Accounts

It’s time to park my cash so what can I get for it and how?

Another Teenager TFSA Investing Approach: Buy Stocks In Individual Blue Chip Dividend Paying Or Growth Companies

Here’s another way a teenager could use their TFSA.

If I Keep 50% of My Portfolio in Fixed Income What and Where Do I Keep It?

What goes into my “fixed income” asset class especially in this day of low, but possibly rising, interest rates?

Unstable World Equity Markets: Should I Sell Now and Buy Back In After the Crash?

Will I sell out of equities now to avoid a major market meltdown?

Why Might a Second RESP for a Niece, Nephew, Grandchild, Godchild or Other Loved Child be a Good Idea?

There are times when it might be better to open a second RESP for a child than to hand cash to the parents to put into the first RESP.

Should I Set Up a Second RESP for My Nephew, Niece, Godchild or Other Loved Baby?

You may want to help someone else’s child pay for an education. Here’s some things to consider before opening a RESP for that child.

My Child Is Now 15 (Or 16) What Should I Do with My Self-Directed Brokerage RESP?

Should I move my RESP before my child starts university or college? What should I be invested in and for how long?

With 15 Years Till Retirement, How Much Annual Return Growth Can I Expect for XIC the Canadian TSX Stock Market ETF?

The financial planning articles I read keep saying “based on a return of XX after inflation, they will have YY$ to spend in retirement.” I wondered what return after inflation I could use for planning the growth of my S&P Composite TSX ETF so I went online to investigate.

Where Should I Keep My Short Term Cash That I Need for Rent, a Reno, Buying a Home or Tuition to Make the Highest Interest?

So many banks, such low interest rates. Where should I park my money?

What Happens If a Company I Own Shares In Makes a Share Buy Back Offer For Shares Held at BMO InvestorLine?

Every so often something new happens in my brokerage accounts: this time I had to handle a stock buyback properly.

Why I Watch Each Dividend Get Paid to my BMO InvestorLine, CIBC Investor’s Edge and RBC Direct Investing Brokerage Accounts

Why I keep an eye on my dividends and distributions and what happened to NFI’s payments for 2016.

How to Contribute to Your RRSP at CIBC Investor’s Edge By Transferring from a Linked Account

It’s simple and fast to contribute to your RRSP at Investor’s Edge.

Why Being Old Means I’m Not Upset by the Plunging Canadian Dollar, the Stock Market Meltdown or the Crude Oil Price Crisis

Are you in the Alfred E. Neuman club?

Why Buying an Index Fund ETF Must be for the Long Term Not for a “One Year Wonder”

What investment did I make in 2014 that had a better return in 2015 than XIC or a one-year GIC?

If I Use a Price Limit Order at BMO InvestorLine On a Stock Dropping and Trading Heavily What Price Will I Get?

Sometimes a bid is just a suggestion!

How to Buy a GIC at BMO InvestorLine with the New (2015) Fixed Income Investment Screens

BMO InvestorLine has been updating its fixed income management screens, so I have been updating my fixed income investing procedures!

Thank Goodness We Didn’t Dump the Bond Fund Yet!

Sometimes procrastination really does pay dividends.

Is the Tangerine Offer of Cash for Transferring Your RRSPs to Them a Good Deal? Where Should I Consider Keeping my RRSP Investments?

Tangerine is offering a small cash incentive for transferring a large RRSP to them. Is it a good deal? Where else should you consider keeping your RRSP money?

Is It Safe (and Ethical) to Insure Your Parent to Fund Your Own Retirement?

Would you feel uneasy if your brother had Power of Attorney for Personal Care for your aged parent and he also would get a million dollars from a life insurance policy when your parent dies that’s costing him $3400 a month while your parent is alive?

CIBC Investor’s Edge Really Wants Your Business: Free ETF Trades, Cash Back, Free Stock Trades

Investor’s Edge is offering free purchases and sales of 1900 ETFs just in time to re-balance our portfolio: how kind is that? They are also offering quite a package of incentives to lure in new customers and new money.

Where Can I Get the Best Rate of Return on my RRSP GIC?

It’s getting harder each year to find a good rate for a GIC even during “RRSP Season.” Here’s what was available today including 2.4% for a 1-year term.

Who Should I Name as the Beneficiary for my Non-Registered Investment Accounts?

I trust that you already know the answer but if not, read on.

With the Drop in the Overnight Rate, What Interest Rate Can I Get On my Cash in my Brokerage Account?

If you have any cash parked in your brokerage account you may want to get it moving.

How Can a Canadian Couple Legally Income Share to Reduce Taxes?

These two strategies allow some income-splitting between spouses regardless of whether they have any children.

How Did Our Investments Perform In 2014? Part Deux

Did we win or lose playing in the market this past year? Unlike previous years where I refused to even open the envelopes, this year I read our statements and report the results here.

How Did Our Investments Perform In 2014? I’ll “Shoyu” Mine! Part One

Well our “under the car seat and behind the couch cushions fund” has had a return of over 250%! Here’s how our other fixed income investments did.

What Was Our Personal Rate of Inflation in 2014 and How Does It Affect Our Retirement Plan?

Why I’m eyeing the crabapples thoughtfully after calculating our 2014 personal rate of inflation.

The TSX Is In Freefall: Time to Buy!

Wow! Good prices: New Money: What should I buy?!

How to Buy Shares of Stock or Units of ETFs Using the BMO InvestorLine App

Is marijuana legal in the location where the graphic designer lives who created the icons for the new InvestorLine app? These and other thoughts crossed my mind while executing a trade using the new iPad App. (And why you should be careful when using this App if you don’t want to end up long in Venezuelan Beaver Cheese.)

How to Download the BMO InvestorLine App and Why You Might Want To

How to download the InvestorLine app and two reasons why you might want to do so. (One involves real time quotes.)

Simplifying and Improving Our RRSPs: a Review of the Progress Made Over 4 Years

How one piece of paper can save your spouse $1 500 or more. This and other things I learned while straightening out the tangled strands of our RRSP skein.

What Are the Common Types of Registered Education Savings Plans and Which is Best?

Where’s a good place to open a RESP if you can’t or won’t invest in the stock market? What about if you want to buy equities but only have a small amount to invest each year? What about investors with large family-plan RESPs who want to buy ETFs? Here are some suggestions and considerations. Please add your own in the comments.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Holding a Self-Directed RESP Account at a Discount Brokerage

We considered many factors before moving our RESP to an online brokerage–here are some to consider.

How Are My “Defensive” Stocks Weathering the Recent Market Dip?

Some of our money is invested in individual stocks which are supposed to be less likely to nosedive when the market slumps. How is that strategy playing out during this recent drop in share prices?

Markets are Falling: When Should I Buy Now or Later? When Will Prices Reach the Bottom?

Ok you’ve found some money to invest with and the markets are slumping–when should you click Buy? A Wishy Washy Investor discusses how to develop your personal investing strategy.

Why Do Markets at All Time Highs Mean a Crash Is Coming? Don’t Stocks Have to Go Up to Be Worthwhile?

Are you still putting new money in the markets or are you building your bunker out of gold bricks?

How Risky Are My Preferred Shares: Should I Sell Now or Hold?

While wading out into the deeper waters of investing have I taken a step that will sink me? What risks am I taking by buying some preferred shares and will the benefits be enough to keep me afloat?

How to Group Non-Registered, TFSA and RRSP Accounts Under One ID at Investor’s Edge

Ok this is not an inspired post but it’s the first Monday back after vacation: at least it provides useful info for those of us who want to see all of our portfolios after signing in only once.

How I Got $200 and 50 Free Trades from CIBC Investor’s Edge for a Self-Directed Brokerage Account

Sometimes it’s worth ignoring the internet and making a phone call!

Do I Have to Pay a Fee to Take Money Out of My Online Non Registered Self Directed Brokerage Account?

Five big Canadian banks have affiliated self-directed online brokerages that offer non-registered investment accounts. You’d think they’d all charge the same fee (or nothing) to take cash back out of your account, right? But they don’t! Before you open an account, you may want to know which brokerage charges nothing and which one charges $10 each time you take out cash.

What Is a Non Registered Brokerage Account?

When is it worth investing the money for your next car in a non-registered brokerage account? And an overview of what these accounts are, who offers them, what you can hold within them and how taxes apply to them.

How to Set up a Computershare Personal Account to Manage Your Shares

I finally joined the electronic age and created a Computershare account to manage some stocks–I refuse to shred the old paper certificates though. Did I need a cell phone to do this and why did I need to pick a colour and three memorable words?

Another Race: Tangerine to BMO InvestorLine and CIBC Investor’s Edge

Another simple race to move RRSP money using T2033s.

Do I Want my Retirement Income to Come From Dividends and Interest or Capital and Growth?

As we edge nearer to retirement I’m trying to position our investments to match our retirement plan. Of course that would be easier if we HAD a retirement plan. One of the first choices we need to make is whether we are planning to fund our retirement from the capital gains made by our investments or only from the dividends, interest and other income our investments generate.

How to Transfer RRSP Cash to a RBC Direct Investing RRSP

It’s time to get some money moved and invested in some ultra-low fee ETFs using my free trades!

Which Self-Directed Brokerages Handle Which RESP Grants, Bonds and Incentives?

Only some of the larger brokerages are offering support for most of the federal and provincial government education savings grants, bonds and incentives. Here’s a list of which brokerages are supporting which grants, and a list of links to read about the different programs from which your child may be eligible to receive money.

How to Sell RBF2010 HISA Fund Units and Immediately Buy a Stock or ETF at RBC Direct Investing

Ack! The deal of the century and all of my money is deposited in my RBC DI HISA RBF2010 funds. Can I get the cash out in time?

Why Couch Potato Investing Doesn’t Work

Are you bold, brave, strong and resolute enough to be a Couch Potato?

Completing a Simple Business Income, Personal Tax Return and Spousal Tax Return Using StudioTax 2013

I tested StudioTax 2013 with a pair of linked spousal income tax returns, one for a spouse with a business income and one for a spouse with employment income. There were only a few things I had to watch out for.

Be Forewarned: Move Your RESP BEFORE You Want to Make a Withdrawal

I wasn’t expecting this rule when I skimmed a federal government document.

Testing Whether You Can Buy Shares the Day Before A Dividend is Earned and Sell the Day After

I really don’t suggest you follow my example and test this scenario for yourself.

Book Review Count On Yourself: Take Charge of Your Money

This is a book I would give to my cousin if he asked me where to start in getting control of his savings and investments.

Retirement Planning: Testing the TD Retirement Savings Calculator

Does TD think I have enough saved to fund our retirement? I’m not sure because using their calculator left me with some unanswered questions.

Retirement Planning: Testing the Canadian Government Retirement Savings Calculator

With some trepidation I used the Service Canada Retirement Savings Calculator to see what income we could expect in retirement. Then I started wondering how much Walmart pays those guys who stand near the door handing out carts and putting stickers on merchandise coming back for a refund.

Retirement Planning: How Much Do We Really Spend Now and How Much Will We Spend Then?

In which I survive two near heart attacks while trying to figure out how much we spend a year.

Investing for Beginners: Don’t Buy Stocks, ETFs or Mutual Funds in a Non-Registered Investment Account Unless You Know How to Calculate an ACB

Please don’t set up a DRIP for a non-registered (not RRSP, not TFSA) investment if you don’t understand what an ACB is.
T3 and T5s Lull Unsuspecting Investors Into Expecting a Tax Form for Everything

How Do I Group InvestorLine Accounts Under a User ID and Whose Accounts Can I Group?

If I could convince my neighbour to allow me to see his account balance, portfolio holdings and transaction history, I could add his account to my InvestorLine User ID to achieve the 5 Star Program level and get Level II quotes. Who knew?!

Why You Should Group Your BMO InvestorLine Accounts Under a Single User ID

In which I count down the top 5 reasons to group your InvestorLine accounts under one User ID if you don’t already pay someone to read my internet posts.

Online Brokerage Price Wars Spell Savings for Investors

RBC Direct Investing has dropped its requirement for $9.95 trades and some other big bank brokerages have followed suit. What else is on offer?

How Do I Get $9.95 Trades for my RESP Account at BMO InvestorLine

If you want to start trading for $9.95 faster in your RESP account, here’s what you may have to do; at least until all the brokerages start offering $9.95 trades to all customers like RBC Direct Investing has recently started doing.

What Canadian Blue Chip Stock is Paying a Dividend Only Yield of 17%?

Do you have any stocks paying amazing dividend yields? How “real” are those yields? Can you live off them in retirement?

How to Invest in the HISA AAT770 in Your InvestorLine RESP Account

If you have $5000 in cash in your RESP, it may be better to have it at InvestorLine than at BMO.

How To Add a RESP Account to Your BMO InvestorLine User ID

InvestorLine lets you group accounts, such as a TFSA, RRSP, LIRA or RESP, under a single User ID to simplify checking your portfolios and to benefit from reduced trading fees and commissions. Here’s how to add a new account to an existing User ID–and whether it reduced the trading fees on my new RESP account immediately–or not.

How to Make a Contribution to your RESP Account at BMO InvestorLine

You can easily make a lump sum contribution or set up a monthly deposit into your BMO InvestorLine RESP account if you have a BMO bank account. Here’s how.

How to Set Your Trading Password for a BMO InvestorLine Account

Some brokerages don’t have two passwords, one for signing in and one for executing a trade. InvestorLine does which I think is a good thing. Here’s how to set or change your trading password.

Signing in to your BMO InvestorLine RESP Account for the First Time

When you first sign in to your InvestorLine RESP account you’ll need to know what a professional subscriber is and whether you are one. You’ll also set up your security questions and passwords, and then you can finally take a look at the price of equities, ETFs and the yields of GICs. This article tells you how.

How to Open a RESP Account at BMO InvestorLine

I procrastinated for no reason: it wasn’t particularly hard to open a RESP self-directed brokerage account at InvestorLine. If you’ve been putting it off, maybe this will inspire you, too. It also explains what to do if you can’t find your old red-and-white-now-turning-yellow-with-age-broken-in-half-and-scotch-taped-back-together SIN card.

How Long Does It Take to Transfer a TFSA from ING Direct to BMO InvestorLine?

Do you think the market is going to drop 25% early this year? Is your cash waiting in the correct account ready to buy, buy, buy? Don’t miss the market by having your cash lost in limbo between banks while the market rebounds. Tidy up any transfers today.

I’m Not Sure What to Do with My RRSP Money—What Should I Do Till I Decide?

It’s open season for banks angling to land your RRSP dollars. If you don’t want to be hooked like a Sucker on spring migration, instead of rushing into a RRSP investment, you may want to park your contribution in a short-term investment. Here are a few factors to consider and options to evaluate.

Why Do Companies Issue Stock Splits Especially When a Stock’s Price Rises to Over $100?

TD and the National Bank are splitting their shares soon. Should you buy in? Isn’t the answer “intuitively obvious?”

How to Set a Stock Price Alert for a RBC Direct Investing Self-Directed Account

As I ponder whether to buy more TD or sell some prior to the upcoming stock split, I check out how to set up a price alert for it using RBC Direct Investing.

How to Buy Equities or ETFs in a RBC Direct Investing Account

There’s one big difference between buying stocks/ETFs at BMO InvestorLine and CIBC Investor’s Edge versus at RBC Direct Investing as I found out when I executed a trade.

How to Check the Current Real Time Price for Shares or ETFs at RBC Direct Investing

I realize that this is a relatively short post but you do realize that there are Snowy Owl’s out there just waiting to be found and photographed, right? I can’t afford to ignore the first sunshine we’ve seen in a week! P.S. Did anyone you know get caught by TWTRQ?

How Long Does It Take to Open a RBC Direct Investing RRSP and Transfer In Cash?

If you’re in a hurry to start trading with a “Big Bank” brokerage you’d better find a hobby to keep you busy so you don’t get too frustrated with the wait.

How to Buy a GIC in a RBC Direct Investing Online Brokerage Account

As I test how to purchase a GIC at RBC Direct Investing, I discover a bug and compare the process to making the same purchase at BMO InvestorLine or CIBC Investor’s Edge. And do brokerages REALLY think that we will buy a lower-rate-paying GIC from their affiliated bank just because they list that product at the top of the offerings?

How to Buy Units in a High Interest Savings Account Fund at RBC Direct Investing

Is anyone else skittish about investing quickly into these high-priced stock markets? While I’m dithering, I tested parking some cash in a HISA fund at RBC Direct Investing. There were a few differences compared to doing the same at InvestorLine and Investor’s Edge that surprised me.

Using the Message Centre Secure Email Function to Contact RBC Direct Investing in Writing

I like to “get it in writing.” If you do, too, here’s how to send your questions to the RBC Direct Investing Support Team by their secure email system.

TFSA Tips from Gordon Pape: A Review of How TFSAs Can Make You Rich

Gordon Pape answers questions like “Can I use my TFSA as collateral for a loan?” in this new book. Would I recommend reading it?

How Much Can I Contribute to My TFSA? I Turned 18 or Arrived in Canada after 2009

Not everyone is 22 or older nor has been a Canadian Resident their entire life. If you’re a recent immigrant to Canada, a visa student, or you’ve just turned 18, you can check your TFSA contribution limit here if you’ve never made any contributions to a plan.

How Do I Start Getting $9.95 Trades at RBC Direct Investing Now I Have $50 000?

I was surprised and frankly not impressed when I checked into the details of RBC Direct Investing’s $9.95 trades.

Get Ready to Die: Beneficiary and Successor Account Holder Forms for your Online Brokerage Accounts

Are you ready to die? Do you want to shout “hands off my money” at the government as you perish? Do you know the difference between a Successor and a Beneficiary and why it matters? If you’re not part of Canada’s Distinct Society I encourage you to read on.

Should You Save for Your First House in Your RRSP?

Why I disagree, rather vehemently, with Diane McCurdy’s opinion on whether you should save for your first home using the RRSP Home Buyers’ Plan.

How to Report Your RRSP Contribution If You Don’t Want to Take the Tax Deduction Yet

Here’s which schedule to use and how to fill it in to report your RRSP contribution but defer using your tax-reducing deduction until another year.

Optimize Your RRSP: Contribute Now, Claim the Tax-Reducing Deduction Later

Were you on parental leave most of this year? Are you a recent graduate using tuition credits and moving expenses to reduce your taxes? Were you unemployed part of this year but have just started a great job? You may be one of the people who shouldn’t wait to contribute to your RRSP just because you’re in a low tax bracket this year. Here’s how you can optimize your RRSP contribution.

What’s the Right Way to Invest? TFSA first? RRSP first? Pay down the Mortgage? Non-Registered Account? Gold? Real Estate? Help!

There’s only one correct way to invest your money to succeed….Isn’t there?

What Are the Minimum Purchase Requirements and the Interest Rates for GICs at RBC Direct Investing?

When I started looking at the details of buying GICs at RBC Direct Investing, I made one pleasant discovery that may interest GIC-investors.

Using Your RBC Direct Investing Account for the First Time

Finally, I have received all the numbers I need to use my RBC Direct Investing account. If you’re wondering how long that took, read on.

How to Buy Units in a High Interest Savings Account Fund in a CIBC Investor’s Edge Account

I’ve decided it’s time to sell my units in the “Greek Government Honest We’ll Pay You Back!” bond fund and move the money into something really exciting: a high interest savings account fund. OK, maybe this is just good information for temporarily parking your cash while waiting to pounce on a great investment.

When Should I Switch to a Self-Directed Brokerage Account? As Soon As It’s “No Fee”

When’s the right time to open a self-directed online discount brokerage account? In my case, about 1.5 years ago: Guess I’d better get cracking.

How to Open a RBC Direct Investing RRSP Account Online

As I filled out my online forms to open a RBC Direct Investing account, I was left pondering questions like: Why can a Minister and a Priest open an account but not an Imam or a Rabbi? Why can I report I am a Homemaker but not a Pharmacist? What do they have against the Energy sector? Who in IT (or more likely “the business” thought it was a good idea to create a screen without a Back or Save button or the standard navigation toolbar? Will I get a personal phone call and a free lunch if I select an income of $10,000,000 and over?

How to Get the $9.95 Trades on CIBC Investor’s Edge Once You Have $50,000

Don’t count on ancient mainframe computers to save you money. Here’s what to do to save $19 a trade.

CIBC vs ING Direct to Investor’s Edge RRSP: the Race is On

Bored by your RRSPs? How about a little race?

How to Sell a Mutual Fund in a CIBC Investor’s Edge Account

Why exactly are we holding $457.82 in a Global Bond Fund? It hurts too much to think about that so instead I decided to sell it. Here’s how.

Which Brokerage is Better for GICs: InvestorLine or Investor’s Edge?

If I want to only buy GICs in a brokerage account, where should I open one? At CIBC or BMO?

Can I Take Stocks Out of my BMO InvestorLine RRIF Without Selling Them?

When I have to make mandatory minimum withdrawals from my RRIF, will I have to sell my favourite income-earning stocks?

Where Should I Start a Self-Directed RESP?

There are many factors to consider when choosing where to open a RESP brokerage account, from annual fees (no minimum balance needed at this Big Bank brokerage!), to ETF commissions (some can be traded with no fees at this other Big Bank brokerage), to customer service and which grants can be accepted. Here’s some factors we considered while pondering where to put that hard-earned future-beer money.

Why Do Rising Interest Rates Affect Real Estate Investment Trusts, REITs?

Did you know you can buy a REIT that specializes in self-storage units? Neither did I till I was researching this article. Maybe I should sell the REIT I have and buy into the lockers. Here’s why.

Real Estate Investment Trusts are Sources of Retirement Income

Why I find REITs appealing as part of a retirement income plan and how they work.

Examples of TFSA Portfolio Fees and Commissions Using InvestorLine and Investor’s Edge

Some readers considering opening a TFSA at a brokerage may want to review the costs of setting up one of these example portfolios.

How Do I Check My Capital Gain on Shares in my CIBC Investor’s Edge Account?

How could my CGX shares be showing a loss when I know they’ve gone up (at least until the new Batman airs.)

If I Transfer a Stock to my US $ InvestorLine RRSP After the Record Date Where Does the Dividend Go?

After I goofed and shifted stock from my Canadian to my US ledger in my InvestorLine account after the Date of Record, I checked to see where the dividend appeared.

A Better Bit of Bonds Banter

In which I seek solace from the internet as my bond funds gradually sink level with the waves and find both enlightenment and confusion.

When Can I Spend a Dividend or Distribution Payable into my BMO InvestorLine Account?

I asked InvestorLine via their secure email MyLink service what day I can spend a dividend or distribution payable to my account. The answer was reassuring.

Astonishing 12 Month Target Prices for CU Reported on BMO InvestorLine: Should I Buy?!

Wow, the pundits think my CU shares are going to double this year! Or do they? Here’s what I found when I dug a bit deeper.

When Will I Get My Dividends in my InvestorLine and Investor’s Edge Brokerage Accounts?

It’s July 31! I can take my Cineplex dividend and go to the movies tonight…Can’t I?

Why Defined Contribution Pension Plans are a Pain: Fixed Income Choices or Lack Thereof

If bonds are going to tank and money market funds are re-writing the rules to allow “negative earnings” what am I supposed to invest my DC pension funds in for fixed income?

Which of the Big 5 Brokerages Offer a US Dollar Side, Journal, Ledger or Sub-Account for an RRSP?

If you receive large distributions or dividends paid in US dollars it may be worth having a US dollar sub-account within your RRSP. Unfortunately only some of the Big 5 Bank discount brokerages offer this option. Here’s which ones.

Update on Transferring RRSP Cash to an ING Direct RRSP Using a T2033 Form

Transferring some RRSP cash from my Canada Savings Bonds RSP to my ING Direct (now RRSP went smoothly if not swiftly but there was one quirk with the dates that surprised me.

Where Can I Find My US Ledger Stocks in My BMO InvestorLine RRSP or TFSA Account?

I transferred some TD from my Canadian InvestorLine account to my US ledger, then I couldn’t find it. Here’s where to click to see your US holdings easily.

What to Watch for When Transferring a Stock to the US Dollar Side of an InvestorLine Account

Ok here’s an easy post to read and prove to yourself that you are much smarter than I am, although I doubt that was ever in question. AKA “Don’t do what I did when moving a dividend-paying stock to your US dollar sub-account.”

Testing a Sell (and Buy) of AAT770 in a BMO InvestorLine Account: Part Two, the Sell

The last time I tried to sell AAT770 I had to accept several messages warning me that the sale might be delayed. Do they still put up these worrying warnings, or has anything changed?

How Can I Move a Stock I Hold from the Canadian Side to the US Side of my InvestorLine Account?

Once more I sally forth (like the comic strip) to test how to do something weird in my InvestorLine account: This time my task is relatively benign as I attempt to move some, but not all, of my shares in a certain Canadian financial titan from the Canadian side of my RRSP account to the newly-minted US side. Once more InvestorLine makes mysterious entries into my transaction history and My Portfolio Holdings which I will attempt to de-code to see what has happened or failed to happen and when.

How to Set Up a US Dollar Ledger or Side for a BMO InvestorLine RRSP Account

I finally took the plunge and created a US dollar sub-account within our BMO RRSP account. How difficult could it be? I wondered nervously. As bad as trying to buy a GIC for our kids’ RESP at the branch? Surely nothing could top that…?

Testing a Buy (and Sell) of AAT770 in a BMO InvestorLine Account: Part One, the Buy

As the filthy lucre piles up in my InvestorLine account, I decide to test depositing and withdrawing from a high interest savings account AAT770 again to see if anything has changed.

When Will I See My Dividend Payments in my CIBC Investor’s Edge Account?

I know when to expect dividend payments to appear in our InvestorLine accounts but when will they show up in our Investor’s Edge account? Will they be one day late, back dated? Or….? Luckily two good movies came out while I waited to find out.

Verizon on the Horizon: Time to Dump Bell?!

Will Verizon drop mobile phone costs in Canada 50%? Will mighty Ma Bell teeter and fall from her alabaster (telephone) pedestal? Tell us what will happen to Telus? Here’s my rather jaded view on the latest telecom news.

How to Transfer RRSP Cash from CIBC to CIBC Investor’s Edge Using a T2033

If you want to transfer cash from a RRSP into your Investor’s Edge RRSP you need to know where to get a T2033, how to fill it out, and how long you’ll have to wait. This post tells you how we did it.

How to Transfer Cash to an RRSP at ING Direct from another RRSP Using a T2033 Form

The current federal government has essentially killed the value of investing in Canada Savings Bonds so it’s time for us to transfer out our holdings in the free Canada Retirement Savings Plan. This same method also works for any transfer of a cash RRSP to an ING Direct, now, RRSP. If you need to consolidate your investments at ING Direct, now, here’s how to do it.

Stocks are Falling: Buy, Buy, Buy!

A strategy for falling markets: Fling a Frisbee!

My Dividend Just Doubled for CU! Or Did It? Stock Splits and BMO InvestorLine

The dividend doubled overnight! The stock is up 2.7% in the first half-hour of trading! Should I buy more? Should I sell? Should I get a life?! Tune in and tell me.

How Can I Buy an Annuity Without Giving Away my Principal?

I haven’t found a true annuity that returns your principal at the end of its term but here’s a “reasonable facsimile” to consider.

Can I Buy the Day Before the Dividend and Sell the Day after and Make Money?

How to make quick, easy money by playing the Dividend Date game! Or not.

How to Save your Account Transaction History for a CIBC Investor’s Edge Account

You never know when you’ll face an audit, whether from the CRA or from your family financial wizard. Here’s how to keep a copy of your transaction history to settle the arguments.

How Can I Look Up What I Did, When I Did It and for How Much in a CIBC Investor’s Edge Account?

If you’re trading so fast you can’t remember whether you sold Enbridge on Tuesday at 2 or Thursday at 12, you may need to check your historical buys, sells, distributions and payments simply and quickly.

How to Place an Order to Buy Shares of a Company with CIBC Investor’s Edge

How to finally place your order to buy stock in your Investor’s Edge account after you have thought through all the quirks and foibles. Includes a refresher on how to check the Real Time price and how to set a Limit Order for the purchase.

Review the Dividend, Yield and Ex-Dividend Date for Shares Using CIBC Investor’s Edge

Don’t you hate that depressed feeling you get when you realize you bought shares just 12 hours too late to catch the next dividend? To avoid it, use these tips for checking the facts on dividends before you buy. For those of you new to dividend investing, the article also includes some timely reminders about the differences between dividends and guaranteed annual interest payments.

How to Review the Price History of a Stock Using CIBC Investor’s Edge

You can check the real time price for a stock using Investor’s Edge: if you know where to look.

When Wishy-Washy Works: Taking Part Profits from a Skyrocketing Stock

Dithering about when to sell a 10-bagger can lead to still holding Nortel or RIM when it’s down to 50 cents a share. You need to make a plan (almost any plan!) for when to exit gleefully. Here’s one possibility brought to you by a carding carrying member of the Wishy Washy World.

How on Earth Do You Decide WHEN to Sell your Shares of a Successful Stock?

Sometimes deciding when to sell is much more difficult than deciding what to buy. Here are some factors that go into the decision and add to the complexity. If you have “the” answer, please be sure to share it with a comment!

How to Place an Order to Buy Shares of Stock in a Company with BMO InvestorLine

An entire article on how to place a Buy Order? It takes about 15 seconds! True but this article slows it down to discuss things to consider and provides detailed instructions. After all you could also buy a car by walking into the dealership and paying what they ask for the first vehicle they show you. Take the time to execute a cost effective share purchase.

Review the Dividend Yield, Timing and Ex-Dividend Date for Shares of a Company’s Stock Using BMO InvestorLine

InvestorLine’s Quotes+ will tell you if you buy a stock today whether you will get the next dividend payment. It will also give you some of the information you need to compare two or three dividend-paying stocks. Be careful though! There are some important things to watch out for.

Review the Pricing History for Shares of a Company’s Stock Using BMO InvestorLine

Before you buy a stock it’s a good idea to review the short- and long-term pricing history. Just because a stock has shot up $3 does this week does not mean it will stay up. If some rumour or stock tip newsletter is spiking an unsustainable price increase, now is NOT the time to buy. Check first by following these handy instructions for a BMO InvestorLine account.

How Can I Look Up What I Did, When I Did It and for How Much in a BMO InvestorLine Account?

If you hold stocks like a hot potato (now you have them, now they’re gone, now you have them again) you may sometimes need to review the history of your buys, sells, distributions and payments quickly and easily. You can use the Transaction History screen to take a focused snapshot of the past two year’s history with a stock, in all its gore and glory.

How to Save your Account Transaction History for a BMO InvestorLine Account

Will a copy of the transaction history for your account help you if you’re audited? Perhaps, perhaps not, but it’s a simple report that may help you keep your facts straight while under pressure. I find it worth the few kb of storage space to download and save.

What is in the Transaction History for a BMO InvestorLine Account and What Should I Watch Out for?

InvestorLine’s Transaction History is a great little report so long as you know to be cautious about a couple of the things I mention in this article.

Checking the Current Real Time Price for an Equity Using CIBC Investor’s Edge

When you’re considering buying a stock that makes a Japanese fighting kite look motionless you may want to use this tip to check the real time price before placing an order.

Checking the Current Real Time Price for an Equity Using BMO InvestorLine

Do you want to know the REAL price of a stock not some ancient history 20-minute-delayed price? Use your InvestorLine account to access up to the several-times-a-minute facts.

How Fast Can I Sell my BMO InvestorLine AAT770 HISA to Generate Cash to Re-invest?

This is what I found out when I tested the speed of a sale of AAT770, BMO’s daily interest savings account no load fund, including the surprise perq on a 7-day investment.

Transferring RRSP Cash from CIBC to a BMO InvestorLine RRSP Account

How I moved what had been a RRSP GIC from CIBC to InvestorLine, including what it cost and how long it took. The moral of the story: don’t invest at every branch bank you live near.

GIC Rates at BMO InvestorLine April 16 2013

GIC rates flutter like laundry on a windy day. Here’s a snapshot of rates.

How to Invest in the AAT770 High Daily Interest Savings Account Fund, HISA, at BMO InvestorLine

BMO InvestorLine has a new HISA available with a minimum required balance of $5000. Here’s how to buy some of this fund to deposit your money while you wait for a pullback or the optimum moment to execute your precision 50-bagger trade. (And a cynical observation about how else BMO could have offered interest for cash holdings.)

Investing in the AAT770 Daily High Interest Savings Account Fund, HISA, for BMO InvestorLine RRSP, TFSA and Other Accounts

BMO InvestorLine has made a significant improvement to its HISA option, changing it from the absurd to the reasonably useful. Please read on to learn about this new high interest savings account fund, the rate it pays and the required minimum investment.

Does BMO InvestorLine have a Referral Bonus for Convincing Friends and Relatives to Open a New Account?

How can you get free money from BMO InvestorLine by becoming my friend? (Don’t worry, I have lots of friends that only want something from me–I’m used to it!)

Does CIBC Investor’s Edge Have a Referral Bonus for Convincing Friends and Relatives to Open a New Account?

BMO InvestorLine offers a referral bonus for new accounts. Does CIBC Investor’s Edge? Here’s what I found out.

Does It Cost Anything to Transfer Part of my ING Direct RRSP to Another Institution?

How to transfer your RRSP from ING Direct, now, to InvestorLine or Investor’s Edge or another financial institution. Includes information on where to get the T2033 and how long it will take.

How Much Money Will I Get at Various Rates for GICs and Dividends

For those who were never fond of math, here’s how to calculate what you will get for your investments when you know the interest rate or yield. Also includes lookup tables for many common rates for those who find percentages perplexing.

Questrade the CRA and the Double TFSA 2011 Contribution Confusion

How a computer system change can cause massive confusion for investors.

How to Choose a Self-Directed TFSA Brokerage Account to Minimize Fees and Costs

Compare the fees, including transfer and closing fees, for self-directed TFSAs at brokerages to choose the best place to invest your money.

When is a Guaranteed Investment Certificate not Guaranteed: When GICs Get Risky!

The three scariest things I found when researching a Blue Chip market-linked GIC and why I do not recommend these products.

Maximize your TFSA First

With one exception I think most people should maximize their TFSA first, then their RRSP. Here’s why.

How to Sell a Mutual Fund in a BMO InvestorLine Account

Instructions for how to dispose of that loser fund you bought based on advice from your sister’s husband’s brother’s wife’s uncle’s cousin’s mother who is a millionaire.

How to Transfer Assets to a BMO InvestorLine Account from Another Bank Using a T2033 Form

What do you need to have ready before you transfer assets from one financial institution to your BMO InvestorLine account? How can you fill out the T2033 form and where should you send it? What glitches are likely to happen and how can you prevent some of these annoying mistakes and hold ups? Get the scoop from someone who has slain this paper dragon before.

Setting Up a DRIP for a Stock or ETF at BMO InvestorLine

How to set up a DRIP for a specific holding with BMO InvestorLine and when it won’t actually yield you any new shares.

What Is Dollar Cost Averaging and Why Is It Useful?

The Dow Jones set a record today which is why I’m considering using dollar cost averaging to invest my TFSA. If you’re not old enough to remember the Wealthy Barber, you might want to read this refresher on why dollar cost averaging is useful and when.

Are ETFs (Exchange Traded Funds) Better than Mutual Funds?

What are the tax differences between ETFs and mutual funds and the differences in how they DRIP? These and other features are important to examine before making a purchase.

What Is an ETF or Exchange Traded Fund?

What ETFs are, how they’re priced, where you buy them, whether you have to hold them, what the minimum purchase requirements are and other fascinating facts.

Can I Cash My Guaranteed Investment Certificate, GIC, Whenever I Want?

One bank will let you cash your GICs anytime and still pay you interest. Most won’t though although you may be able to re-sell your GIC. Read on for details.

Spousal Income Attribution Rules or How Best To Invest as a Couple in Canada without Blowing a Fuse

The labyrinthian spousal income attribution rules in Canada require an even more twisted, but legal, plan to avoid paying too much tax.

How to Buy a GIC in a CIBC Investor’s Edge Self-Directed Investing Account

Instructions for reviewing rates and buying GICs within a CIBC Investor’s Edge account to form part of your fixed income holdings.

How to Evaluate Mutual Funds and Choose which Funds to Buy

Are you comparing apples and cows when you try to evaluate 2 mutual funds? How will a fund earn you money and how can you get your hands on it? Is it true mutual funds are named using a random phrase generator? And when did Australia become part of Asia anyway? Read on for these and other details about the murky world of mutual funds.

The Benefits and Drawbacks of Mutual Funds

Most of us know a few major drawbacks of mutual funds, but fewer of us realize they offer benefits too. Read on to discover how to maximize the benefits of mutual funds while fine-tuning your portfolio. And confirm your guess about what stock is trading up $1079 today.

The Types of Mutual Funds, Why They’re Good, and Quick Buying Tips

Mutual funds don’t just invest in equities. Here are 4 other types of mutual funds that you should consider buying.

How to Make a TFSA Contribution to a BMO InvestorLine Account and How Long It Takes to Get There

Who knew it could take THIS long for an electronic contribution from BMO to BMO to land? Includes instructions.

Can I Transfer my RRSP and TFSA Mutual Funds from BMO to a Self Directed InvestorLine Account?

What we discovered when trying to transfer mutual funds from BMO to InvestorLine and why I enrolled in the Ostrich School of RRSP Investing.

Be Wary of the Unrealized Gain or Loss Column for Re-invested Mutual Funds with BMO InvestorLine

Although the reporting is not wrong for mutual funds in a dividend reinvestment plan with BMO InvestorLine, it isn’t what you expect. Here’s what you’re actually seeing on the My Holdings screen deMSTIFied.

RRSP Strategies Part 2 Move the Money Where You Want to Keep It. Choosing a Long Term RRSP Investment Account

How to choose a long term RRSP investment account, including bank accounts vs brokerage accounts, and how to transfer short term RRSP savings.

RBC Direct Investing Has a No Annual Fee RRSP Brokerage Account with No Minimum Balance!

RBC Direct Investing offers a self directed RRSP brokerage account with no minimum balance required and no annual fee providing this one requirement is met.

Questrade Has the Lowest Annual Fee RRSP Brokerage Account with No Minimum Balance: Or Does It?

Does Questrade offer the best RRSP brokerage account for investors with a small balance, or, after scrutinizing the fine print, does another brokerage have the best deal? The research results surprised me and may please you.

Stop those Monthly Statements from Arriving by Mail from CIBC Investor’s Edge

Be careful when following these instructions to stop receiving paper statements from Investor’s Edge, there’s something else you’re stopping too.

Pros and Cons of Email Alerts from CIBC Investor’s Edge

What works and what doesn’t when setting Alerts using CIBC Investor’s Edge.

Pros and Cons of the BMO InvestorLine Stock and Market Alert Email Message System

What works and what doesn’t when setting Alerts using BMO InvestorLine.

A Review and Comparison of Real Time Stock Prices at CIBC Investor’s Edge and BMO InvestorLine

After providing instructions on how to get a real time stock price for an Investor’s Edge or InvestorLine account, we review what’s good and bad about BMO’s and CIBC’s reports of the stock price including which reports trade time to the second, which tells you your current cash balance, and which reports the day’s highs and lows for the stock.

How to Set up a Watch List Alert and Analyst Reports for a CIBC Investor’s Edge Account

Instructions for setting up email alerts from Investor’s Edge including a summary of selected stocks’ closing prices, volumes and 52-week highs and lows. Also reports from Wood Gundy, World Markets, S&P and other sources.

How To Set Stock and Price Alerts for your CIBC Investor’s Edge Account

Instructions for setting up notifications by email of stock price changes, P/E changes, moving averages, RSI changes, and more.

How to Set Up Market Alerts for CIBC Investor’s Edge Self-Directed Accounts

Instructions for setting Market Alerts to keep on top of stocks showing the largest change in volume of trades, new pricing extremes, the most activity and other opportunities.

How to Set a Market Alert for a BMO InvestorLine Self-Directed Account

Instructions for setting Market Alerts to keep on top of stocks showing the largest change in volume of trades, current biggest gainers and losers, new pricing extremes and other opportunities.

Budgeting for Retirement Requires a Good Estimate of My Personal Rate of Inflation for 2012

Our surprising personal rate of inflation for 2012 and what factored into it.

How to Set a Stock Alert for a BMO InvestorLine Self-Directed Account Including Price Alerts

How to set Stock Alerts for BMO InvestorLine accounts, including alerts for price changes, news, and technical analysis changes.

The Secret Weapon of Stocks that Pay Dividends: Staying Power Support

How dividends can help bolster an investment strategy and cover the cost of inflation.

Pros and Cons of Setting Up a DRIP for Dividends with CIBC Investor’s Edge ShareBuilder Plan

The benefits and drawbacks of enrolling in a DRIP through CIBC Investor’s Edge, including whether share discounts are available.

Can I DRIP US Stocks from a CIBC Investor’s Edge Self-Directed Account?

DRIPping US stocks inside an Investor’s Edge account.

How Do You Decide What is an Ethical Stock or ETF to Invest In?

How to choose an ethical stock or ETF.

ATL5000 High Interest Savings Account Fund at CIBC Investor’s Edge Online Discount Brokerage

Review of how ATL5000 can be used as a high interest savings account for cash in a CIBC Investor’s Edge online discount brokerage account and how it compares to BMO InvestorLine.

Can You Buy Additional Shares for No Fee Using a BMO InvestorLine DRIP?

What is regretful about BMO InvestorLines synthetic DRIP.

Can I DRIP the Dividends from my BlackRock iShares ETFs at BMO InvestorLine?

Can you DRIP XBB, XCB, XSB, CBO, CLF, CBH and other popular iShares ETFs?

If I Use an InvestorLine DRIP Will I Get the Discounted Price for Reinvesting in Shares?

How using a DRIP works within InvestorLine and whether you are eligible for any discounts on the stock price.

Can I DRIP US Stocks Using BMO InvestorLine?

Describes which US stocks are eligible for a DRIP from InvestorLine.

Review of BMO InvestorLine’s MyLink Secure Email Service

A review of the entire MyLink email service offered by BMO InvestorLine, including messages received from MyLink about analyst rating changes and maturities.

Review of Contacting BMO InvestorLine Using the MyLink Secure Email Program

Details on how prompty and accurately InvestorLine replied to various queries submitted by their secure email service MyLink.

Using the MyLink Secure Email Function to Contact BMO InvestorLine in Writing

Instructions for using MyLink and Information on how it works and what to watch.

Pros and Cons of Using a DRIP for BMO InvestorLine Dividends

The benefits and drawbacks of enrolling in a DRIP through BMO InvestorLine, including the differences between real and synthetic DRIPs.

Testing the Minimum Investment Requirement for BMO InvestorLine High Interest Savings Accounts

I tried selling some of my HISA holding at BMO InvestorLine. Would it let me do the dreadful deed?

Pros and Cons of Buying GICs in a Self-Directed Online Brokerage Account

While there are some good points to buying GICs in a self-directed account with InvestorLine or Investor’s Edge, there are some snags to watch out for, too.

Can I Transfer my RRSP and TFSA Mutual Funds from CIBC to a Self Directed Investor’s Edge Account?

What we discovered when trying to transfer mutual funds from CIBC to Investor’s Edge.

Can I Transfer my RRSP and TFSA GICs from CIBC to a Self Directed Investor’s Edge Account?

Why you need to plan ahead before transferring assets between CIBC and Investor’s Edge.

The Mystery of Which GICs Can Be Transferred from CIBC to CIBC Investor’s Edge

Why I’m confused about whether I can transfer my GICs in kind from CIBC to Investor’s Edge.

Do I Have to Pay a Commission if My Order to Sell Stock or Buy Stock Doesn’t Get Filled?

Details about when you don’t pay fees and about pesky partial fills.

When Can I Buy a GIC or Mutual Fund After I Sell a Stock in my BMO InvestorLine Self-Directed Account?

Details about when the money moves into and out of your account when buying and selling stocks, GICs and mutual funds.

Must You Keep a $25,000 Balance in a BMO InvestorLine High Interest Savings Account?

Uncertainty reigns while trying to answer this simple question.

Is There a 90 Day Holding Period for the High Interest Savings Accounts Offered by BMO InvestorLine?

InvestorLine has a minimum holding period of 90 days for mutual funds: but are their high interest savings accounts considered mutual funds, or not?

New Information about BMO InvestorLine High Interest Savings Accounts and their Required Minimum Balances

Do you have to keep a $25000 balance in a BMO InvestorLine High Interest Savings Account?

Investing in High Interest Savings Account Mutual Funds in BMO InvestorLine Accounts

The pros and cons of the BMO InvestorLine High Interest Savings Accounts, including which funds are offered for purchase.

How Can BMO InvestorLine and CIBC Investor’s Edge Offer GIC Purchases and Sales with No Commission Fees?

The hidden cost of a GIC and the advantages of investing online.

Comparing GIC Rates for BMO InvestorLine, CIBC Investor’s Edge

Comparing GIC offerings from BMO InvestorLine and CIBC Investor’s Edge proves its worth shopping around for the best rate.

Can I Earn a Referral Bonus for Getting a Relative to Invest with BMO InvestorLine?

Bonuses are a bonus. Can you get one for referring your husband or wife?

How to Get a Referral Number for your BMO InvestorLine Account and Maximize Your Referral Bonus

How to make the most money for your referral of a new BMO Investorline customer.

What Happens When You Sell a BMO Mutual Fund in Your BMO InvestorLine Account

BMO InvestorLine sold my mutual fund properly but it sure could improve this aspect of the sale.

The Risks of Higher Fees from Partial Sales and Partial Buys

Defines what a thinly traded stock is and explains the risk of fills over several days.

Why Would It Be Worth Buying or Selling Only a Few Shares?

You may need to buy or sell fewer than 100 shares while maximizing your TFSA or RESP but also as a profitable strategy.

Can I Buy or Sell a Small Number of Shares of a Stock, Say 18?

Is it possible and permitted to buy or sell only a small number of shares in a company’s stock? For example, can I sell 18 shares of CU using BMO Investorline?