Rounding Up Info on 2012 Income Taxes

This week I spent some time reviewing the two software products you can use to calculate and NETFILE your 2012 Canadian income taxes for FREE even if you make over $35,000 per year. You can read the results

and, if interested, follow the instructions to download and install the programs yourselves at:

With great relief, I burst free from under the pile of T3s and CCAs to see what other writers have put out there about 2012 taxes. Here are some interesting bits I found:

Boomer and Echo wrote about why even stay-at-home-working-but-not-earning-an-income parents need to file a tax return in Tax Considerations for Single Income Households.

Evelyn Jacks provides some guidance on whether to check that box beside “Did you own or hold foreign property at any time in 2012 with a total cost of more than CAN$100,000?” in her article Report Your Foreign Holdings.

And to answer that pesky question nagging some of us, NO, if you hold US and other foreign stocks, ETFs and mutual funds in an RRSP, you do not have to report that as part of your $100,000 Cdn limit. See the info on the CRA website at  which says:
“Foreign property does not include: property in your registered retirement savings plan (RRSP), registered retirement income fund (RRIF), or registered pension plan (RPP).”

Big Cajun Man wrestled TurboTax to the ground in order to claim the new Family Caregiver Amount.

The Money Puzzle lists some odd ways people use their tax returns in Tax Return Madness. One of them even appears to have a crush on Donald Duck.

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I’m sure there are even more Tax Facts out there. If you’ve found an interesting one, please share a link with us in a comment.

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