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As college, university and some trade school students head back into their labs, classrooms, workshops and work placements, I’ve noticed an increase in articles about Registered Education Savings Plans. I myself contributed

You can probably guess that future articles will include How; What; and Why. (insert cheesy grin)

I still haven’t opened my self-directed RESP so I’m still welcoming feedback from those of you who have about which brokerage you used and whether you like it there.

An Education about Education

Here’s some articles written by others along the RESP spectrum from parents of toddlers to parents of “some have graduated, some are still going through.”

Boomer and Echo discuss starting a Portfolio for toddlers and newborns in My TD e-Series RESP Portfolio

I discuss starting a RESP when the mortgage is paid and your child is 10 in When Should I Start a RESP?

Jane at Solving the Money Puzzle discusses what happens when our children reach university. The section “Summer Vacation Plans” of Erratic Economic Emotions Experienced reminds me of how most students pay for their education: with student loans. RESPs are a financial commitment which many Canadians cannot afford to make.

Michael James on Money has said that he doesn’t think student loans are “good debt” but that student loans are a necessary evil for many Canadians. Check out why in All Debt is Bad.

The costs don’t end at Graduation, either, as Big Cajun Man’s family found out: First you have to pay to attend graduation–and you better make that hotel reservation a year in advance. Check out the foibles and frustrations involved in How Hard Could it be to Book a Hotel Room?

My Own Advisor also described what he would do, pay, and invest in once he graduated if he had to do it all over again in Just Starting Out.

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Have you read an education-related financial article recently that explored a new topic? Please share your recommendations with a comment.

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