4 thoughts on “President’s Choice Financial Is Closing and Becoming Simplii by CIBC So I’m Ordering More Cheques

  1. I am not pleased with the $3.00 fee to withdraw from the new banking machine in the Superstore store. I know that you can still bank for free in the CIBC banks but there are only 2 of them in my city of 100,000 people and neither are close to me and also have only 2 ATMs for all customers including all the CIBC customers

    • That is a drop in service for you and your area. When Tangerine went off the Exchange network after the takeover by ScotiaBank it made it difficult for many customers to get to an ABM, too. The only work-around I’ve seen anyone suggest is to ask for cash back when making purchases but not all stores like offering cash back. You may want to complain to Simplii and see if they can improve their network in your area.

  2. There was no change in ownership. CIBC has always operated PCF…. All they did was ditch the grocery store. Cheques are still, free by the way.

    • Well, sort of. CIBC has always operated PCF but it was on behalf of Loblaw, sort of like Amazon hiring Canada Post to deliver its packages. Now it’s on behalf of itself. Yes, it’s great that cheques are free (at least in 2017). I ordered some and received them already.

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