2 thoughts on “PC Financial Starts the Interest Wars With a 2.25% Offer

  1. I have a large amount sitting in cibc at 1.3 do you think that pcf will offer a new promo soon this is march 31 ?

    • Unfortunately, nothing has been predictable in the interest rate wars recently. For example, Tangerine was offering up to 3.25% for Jan-March 31 to some customers (but not all) but PC Financial offered almost nothing. I doubt it will start March 31 for either Tangerine or PCF because the old offers only end March 31.

      Personally, I keep funds at EQ Bank at 2% until I get a better offer from Tangerine or PC Financial. 1.3% is good but not quite as good as 2% if you don’t need to get at the money in fewer than 7 business days.

      I hope you’ll be offered a good rate soon! In the meantime, you could phone CIBC and ask them to match EQ Bank’s published 2% rate. They might.

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