Do I Want my Retirement Income to Come From Dividends and Interest or Capital and Growth?

As we edge nearer to retirement I’m trying to position our investments to match our retirement plan. Of course that would be easier if we HAD a retirement plan. One of the first choices we need to make is whether we are planning to fund our retirement from the capital gains made by our investments or only from the dividends, interest and other income our investments generate.

How to Use StudioTax 2013 for a Simple Retired Person’s Tax Return (T4AOAS, T4AP, T4A, T4RIF, T5)

I tested using StudioTax 2013 to calculate an income tax return for a retired pensioner who receives a work pension, CPP, OAS and some investment interest. Here’s how it did.

How to Register for a GCKey To Look Up Your CPP Information Online: Part One

A few months ago I went to the My Service Canada Account website to look up some information on our CPP payments. I unpleasantly found out that they have changed their secure access method and my Personal Access Code wasaaa

What is the Old Age Security Pension, OAS, and Will I Get It?

Who will get the OAS and why you should be happy if you have to give it back.

What is the Guaranteed Income Supplement, GIS, and Will I Get It?

Who will get the GIS and why I hope you won’t.

Why the Government Should Say CPP is Failing and OAS Will be Ended

If CPP was failing and OAS was ending before you retired, what would you do differently now?

What Will I Live On When I Retire if I Have No Savings and Don’t Own a Home?

Low income earners may get this much OAS, GIS and some CPP in retirement.