Borrowing Money Is Not For Me

What I have borrowed money to get and what I won’t pay interest for. Plus a scathing indictment of the government’s new light bulb policies.

What’s the Right Way to Invest? TFSA first? RRSP first? Pay down the Mortgage? Non-Registered Account? Gold? Real Estate? Help!

There’s only one correct way to invest your money to succeed….Isn’t there?

Mortgage Matters

Some interesting articles about mortgages including links to important information about collateral mortgages and how they can sabotage your ability to reduce rates and get loans in the future.

If I Bought 30-Year Shingles Why Is My Roof Leaking After 10 Years?

Why we’re glad we kept calling till we found a roofer who could solve the mystery of our ceiling water spots. (Includes a mention of Alberta’s famous Rat Patrol!)

Why Would You Buy This instead of Contributing to an RESP, RRSP, TFSA or Mortgage?

A rant that explores the benefits of contributing to RESPs, charity and RRSPs instead of mindlessly spending on stickers.