Why Buying an Index Fund ETF Must be for the Long Term Not for a “One Year Wonder”

What investment did I make in 2014 that had a better return in 2015 than XIC or a one-year GIC?

How Did Our Investments Perform In 2014? Part Deux

Did we win or lose playing in the market this past year? Unlike previous years where I refused to even open the envelopes, this year I read our statements and report the results here.

Trying to Pay for All Our Expenses Using Dividend, Distribution and Return of Capital Income Only

Have you compared your expenses to your investment income recently? Anything startling come to light?

Retirement Planning: Testing the Canadian Government Retirement Savings Calculator

With some trepidation I used the Service Canada Retirement Savings Calculator to see what income we could expect in retirement. Then I started wondering how much Walmart pays those guys who stand near the door handing out carts and putting stickers on merchandise coming back for a refund.

What Canadian Blue Chip Stock is Paying a Dividend Only Yield of 17%?

Do you have any stocks paying amazing dividend yields? How “real” are those yields? Can you live off them in retirement?

How to Buy a GIC in a RBC Direct Investing Online Brokerage Account

As I test how to purchase a GIC at RBC Direct Investing, I discover a bug and compare the process to making the same purchase at BMO InvestorLine or CIBC Investor’s Edge. And do brokerages REALLY think that we will buy a lower-rate-paying GIC from their affiliated bank just because they list that product at the top of the offerings?

Why I Have No Interest in Renting a Property as an Investment or Income Source

With my luck I’d end up renting to a Freeman who uses the basement as a personal nuclear waste disposal site and who gets me arrested by CSIS. Your mileage may vary.

Which Brokerage is Better for GICs: InvestorLine or Investor’s Edge?

If I want to only buy GICs in a brokerage account, where should I open one? At CIBC or BMO?

USA Decides Not to Ease off on Quantitative Easing…Yet

I’ve been uneasy about the USA easing up on Quantitative Easing but now I can rest easy. Or can I?

Why Do Rising Interest Rates Affect Real Estate Investment Trusts, REITs?

Did you know you can buy a REIT that specializes in self-storage units? Neither did I till I was researching this article. Maybe I should sell the REIT I have and buy into the lockers. Here’s why.

Real Estate Investment Trusts are Sources of Retirement Income

Why I find REITs appealing as part of a retirement income plan and how they work.

A Better Bit of Bonds Banter

In which I seek solace from the internet as my bond funds gradually sink level with the waves and find both enlightenment and confusion.

When Can I Spend a Dividend or Distribution Payable into my BMO InvestorLine Account?

I asked InvestorLine via their secure email MyLink service what day I can spend a dividend or distribution payable to my account. The answer was reassuring.

Why Defined Contribution Pension Plans are a Pain: Fixed Income Choices or Lack Thereof

If bonds are going to tank and money market funds are re-writing the rules to allow “negative earnings” what am I supposed to invest my DC pension funds in for fixed income?

When Will I See My Dividend Payments in my CIBC Investor’s Edge Account?

I know when to expect dividend payments to appear in our InvestorLine accounts but when will they show up in our Investor’s Edge account? Will they be one day late, back dated? Or….? Luckily two good movies came out while I waited to find out.

How Can I Buy an Annuity Without Giving Away my Principal?

I haven’t found a true annuity that returns your principal at the end of its term but here’s a “reasonable facsimile” to consider.

How to Buy a GIC in a BMO InvestorLine Account

Lists which types of GICs are sold by BMO InvestorLine, what fees are payable, how to buy one, whether the GICs rollover at maturity, and when to expect interest and principal payments to land in your stash of Cash.

Using Free GenuTax Standard 2012 for a Simple Business Income T2125 and Personal Tax Return

Please read how GenuTax Standard handled a very simple business income (T2125) and personal income tax return including the few tiny quirks I encountered.

How Much Money Will I Get at Various Rates for GICs and Dividends

For those who were never fond of math, here’s how to calculate what you will get for your investments when you know the interest rate or yield. Also includes lookup tables for many common rates for those who find percentages perplexing.

When is a Guaranteed Investment Certificate not Guaranteed: When GICs Get Risky!

The three scariest things I found when researching a Blue Chip market-linked GIC and why I do not recommend these products.

Spousal Income Attribution Rules or How Best To Invest as a Couple in Canada without Blowing a Fuse

The labyrinthian spousal income attribution rules in Canada require an even more twisted, but legal, plan to avoid paying too much tax.

How to Buy a GIC in a CIBC Investor’s Edge Self-Directed Investing Account

Instructions for reviewing rates and buying GICs within a CIBC Investor’s Edge account to form part of your fixed income holdings.

How to Evaluate Mutual Funds and Choose which Funds to Buy

Are you comparing apples and cows when you try to evaluate 2 mutual funds? How will a fund earn you money and how can you get your hands on it? Is it true mutual funds are named using a random phrase generator? And when did Australia become part of Asia anyway? Read on for these and other details about the murky world of mutual funds.

The Types of Mutual Funds, Why They’re Good, and Quick Buying Tips

Mutual funds don’t just invest in equities. Here are 4 other types of mutual funds that you should consider buying.

When Commissions Clash With Customer Service at Banks and Financial Institutions

What happens when commissions are not comparable for different financial products?

Why the Canada Savings Bonds Payroll Deduction Plan is a Good Choice: the Pros and Cons

The CSB payroll deduction plan helps almost a million people save. Here’s why it works, and how it could be improved.

Pros and Cons of Buying GICs in a Self-Directed Online Brokerage Account

While there are some good points to buying GICs in a self-directed account with InvestorLine or Investor’s Edge, there are some snags to watch out for, too.

Using Dividend Paying Stocks to Create Monthly Income

Here are 4 examples of Canadian stocks from fairly different areas of business that pay monthly distributions.

The 5-year GIC Ladder Strategy: No Longer a Scheme to Maximize GIC Returns

What a 5-year GIC ladder is and when it’s not the best strategy.

Maximize GIC Returns by Carefully Considering the Annual Rates Before Locking In Long Term

With interest rates at record lows is it time to think twice before locking in long term?

Investing in GICs at the Banks an Exercise in Anger Management to Optimize Earnings

Beware of two ways the banks minimize your GIC earnings.

Comparing GIC Rates for BMO InvestorLine, CIBC Investor’s Edge

Comparing GIC offerings from BMO InvestorLine and CIBC Investor’s Edge proves its worth shopping around for the best rate.