How to Set up a Watch List Alert and Analyst Reports for a CIBC Investor’s Edge Account

Here’s how to set up a watch list alert and how to receive analyst reports for your CIBC Investor’s Edge accounts.

What Is an Investor’s Edge Watch List Alert?

A Watch List is an email summary of selected stocks’ closing prices, volumes and 52-week highs and lows. You select which stocks are on the list. It can be sent to you daily, weekly, monthly, or only held for online viewing and never emailed.

What Are Investor’s Edge Analyst Reports?

The Analyst Reports are available from CIBC Wood Gundy, CIBC World Markets, Reuters Investment Profile, and Standard and Poor’s. For a period you set, for a company or companies you select, and for a range of other criteria you select, you can request reports be emailed to you or you can read them online.

After setting your Preferences for all Alerts from Investor’s Edge, you can set up a Watch List Alert and Analyst Reports Alerts for specific stocks. Alerts are emailed to you. For detailed instructions about setting up your Alert Preferences, please review the first section of How to Set Market Alerts for your CIBC Investor’s Edge Account.

In summary, click on Quotes and Research, then My Alerts. In Preferences, type up to 2 email addresses. You can also use a wireless address, but be aware that each Alert may result in multiple text messages each incurring a separate charge from your carrier. Select HTML or Text format for the email. Click Save.

How to Set Up a Watch List for Equities with Investor’s Edge

  1. From the menu at the left side of the screen, select Quotes and Research.
  2. Then select My Quote Lists.
  3. On the My Watch Lists screen, click on the Watch Lists tab.
    If you have no watch lists, it will prompt “Would you like to Create this Watch List?”
  4. Click on the Create this Watch List link to make a new list.
  5. In the Enter Name text field, type a name for the watch list, or accept the default numbered list name suggested by the program.
    For example, I typed: Banks Watch
  6. If desired, click on the box beside Make this my Default Watch List.
  7. In the Enter Symbol field, type the code for the first equity you wish to add to your list.
    For example, I typed: BMO
  8. From the Country drop-down list, select the desired exchange country [Canadian or US].
  9. Click on the Add Symbol button.
  10. Repeat to add the Symbols for all stocks you want added to this specific Watch List.
    Each item added will be displayed in the list below. Check  the Security name list to make sure you entered the correct Symbol.
  11. When you are finished, click on the Save Watch List button.

To Create Additional Watch Lists

  1. From the menu at the left side of the screen, select Quotes and Research.
  2. Then select My Quote Lists.
  3. On the My Watch Lists screen, click on the Watch Lists tab.
  4. On the right side of the screen, click on the Create New Watch List link.
  5. Repeat the above instructions to create the new watch list.

How to Set Up a Watch List Alert for Selected Stocks with Investor’s Edge

Stocks are added to your Watch List by setting up a Stock Alert. You can also create specific Watch Lists.

For instructions on how to set up a Stock Alert, please see the article How to Set Stock Alerts for your CIBC Investor’s Edge Account.

For instructions on how to create a watch list, please scroll back up this article.

  1. On the My Alerts page, click on the Watch List tab.
  2. To receive your watch lists as email, select whether to send them Daily, Weekly or Monthly by clicking the appropriate radio button.
    By default, it is set to Do not send.
  3. After making your selection, click on the Save button.

NOTE: you will receive ALL of your Watch Lists at the frequency you select. You cannot select to receive only a specific list of set of lists by email.

How to Set Up Analyst Reports Alerts for Selected Stocks with Investor’s Edge

On the My Alerts page, click on the Analyst Reports tab.

Click on the Set up your Analyst Report Alerts link.
A screen will be displayed allowing you to enter a variety of criteria to select which reports you wish to receive.

In the Period section

  • In the Select Range field [select New; Today; 2 days; 1 week; 1 month; 2 months; 3 months; 6 months; 1 year; all; custom range]
  • If you select Custom Range, you must complete the next two lines:
    Enter Custom Date Range from [month] [day] [year]
    To [month] [day] [year]

In the Symbol/Company Name section

  • Click the radio button to indicate whether you wish to search by Symbol or Company Name
  • List the stock or stocks you wish to Search for reports about.
    For example, if you selected by Symbol, you could type:
    BCE, T, RCI.B
  • Or if you selected by Company Name, you could type
    Bell, Telus, Rogers
  • Then from the drop-down list select whether to search [All Markets; Canadian; US]

In the Keywords section

  • Enter any keywords you wish to search for. For example, you may wish to search for: Dividends or takeover
  • You can select whether to search for the [Exact Phrase; All Keywords; Any Keywords]
  • Select whether to Search In [Headlines only; Headlines and Document Body]

In the Source section

  • Select [All Sources; CIBC Wood Gundy; CIBC World Markets; Reuters Investment Profile; Standard and Poor’s]

In the Industry section

  • Select [All Industries; or one of a large variety of specific industries such as Advertising, Aerospace…Warehousing; Wholesale]

In the Category section

  • Select [All Categories; Commodity Research; Company (Equity) Reports; …Portfolio/Asset Strategies; Quantitative/Tech Research; Topical Subjects]

In the Document Type section

  • Select the Document Type from [All; Reports; Morning Notes]

In the Sorting section

  • Select Group By [None; Date; Source; Symbol]
  • Select Sort By [Date: Descending/Ascending]; Title: Descending/Ascending]; Symbol: Descending/Ascending]; Page: Descending/Ascending]; Score: Descending/Ascending]

To run your query, click on View Results.

If you want to run your query repeatedly, click on Save Search.

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