How to Save A Bit Buying Lego Mindstorms Robotics

As every parent of a child who loves Lego will tell you, Lego is expensive. Fortunately it is also well made and should last for decades. So when I decided to get the Lego robotics called Mindstorms for a present, I did a bit of online shopping to try to find the best price. Here’s how I saved a few dollars off the price.

Mindstorms Doesn’t Usually Come On Sale (Especially Not When You Need It To)

One thing I discovered is that the Lego robotics sets don’t usually come on sale. You may see 15-25% off sales for regular Lego kits but I haven’t seen anything like that on the $400 Mindstorms set. (If you have, please share a comment for other interested readers and builders!)

To make matters worse, I was on a deadline. I wanted the gift within a week.

How I Saved 4% on LEGO Using Great Canadian Rebates


The price at Walmart’s online store was the same as at all of the other retailers. The difference was at the time I was ordering, I could get a 4% rebate by starting my shopping at the Great Canadian Rebates website. I signed in to GCR, clicked on their link to, and proceeded with my order just as if I had made the purchase by navigating directly to

45 days later, a credit of $16 was posted to my account at Great Canadian Rebates. Because I have opted for the gift certificate payout, this week I received the code to enter on my next Amazon purchase. In fact, I got more than $16 because I also bought some groceries and household goods from, a video from, and some stuff from the Apple store,

The timing is good because I now have birthday presents to buy and the Amazon certificate will help pay that out.

NOTE: the rebate offered by GCR for purchases made at varies. You have to read the details at the time you click through to to see what the rate is. Today, February 17, 2015, the rate is 4% for most purchases but only 1% for electronics.

Free Shipping from Can Be Useful

I like the free shipping Walmart has been offering to try to entice customers to use their online store. The last two deliveries, however, have required a signature. You may need to be at home when the delivery is made to receive your purchase.

I’ve noticed, though, that you can also request delivery to a secure locker located in the Walmart store near you. They send you your access code by email. When you enter it into the computer at the lockers, the correct door opens to allow you to pick up your purchases. (I haven’t actually tried that type of delivery yet: I prefer Walmart to have to waste fuel getting goods to my home!)

If You Want to Sign Up for Great Canadian Rebates

I wrote an earlier article about how to sign up for Great Canadian Rebates. Whether you choose to use my link and also earn me some rewards is up to you. (Thank you if you do, though!) Even if you don’t, though, consider using this method to save a bit of money on a purchase. If you receive your rebates as certificates you can get paid quickly.

The link that lets you join and gives me a bonus is:
then click on the Not a Member Join Up Here link at the top right side of the screen.

Otherwise, just type the greatcanadianrebates address in your browser to get there with no connection to me.

NOTE: I am never told who used my link, so I won’t be able to thank you personally. They want to keep your identity 100% private.

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