How to Review and NETFILE Your Business and Personal Income Tax Return for Free Using GenuTax Standard 2013

Once you’ve downloaded and installed GenuTax Standard 2013, you can use it to prepare a business or personal income tax return. Next, you’ll need to review your return looking for errors and omissions and then NETFILE the accurate return to the CRA for free. Here’s how.

Do I Need a .TAX File to NETFILE My Return for 2013?

The Canada Revenue Agency has made some changes to how returns can be NETFILEd. There’s now a simpler method which does not require creating a .TAX file. You won’t have to sign in to the CRA website and upload the file yourself, unless you want to. The following instructions describe how to use GenuTax Standard to NETFILE your return quickly and easily. (It’s startling just how quickly it gets filed!)

How to Review Your GenuTax Standard Tax Return Before Using NETFILE

It is extremely important to review your tax return before filing it! You should be checking for errors, omissions and mistakes.

You can print your tax return, in full form or in condensed form, by clicking on the Printer icon on the top navigation bar. Be careful about printing your full form: it may be 20 pages long if they included many blank lines.

Or, to review your return on the screen, from the top navigation menu, click on File, then on Print Preview. Then click to select the radio button beside

  • Condensed return for mailing to the CRA
  • Full copy of return for your personal records

And click the Ok button.

I reviewed the full copy of my return on the screen and it was very clearly displayed.

How to NETFILE Your Personal and Business Income Tax Return for Free Using GenuTax Standard 2013

When I had thoroughly reviewed my tax return, I continued with the NETFILE process.


Click to select Yes for the question would you like to use NETFILE to send your 2013 tax return over the internet.

Click the button: Next (F8)

Changes to Your Name Screen
Read the warnings. If necessary, do not NETFILE.

Click the button: Next (F8)

NETFILE Screen [the second one]
If applicable, click beside the radio button for Yes to answer the question Does this computer have access to the internet?

Click the button: Next (F8)

Filing First Tax Return with the CRA? Screen
If this is not your first tax return, click to select No.

Click the button: Next (F8)

Making Electronic Payment? Screen
Read the information and click Yes or No as appropriate.

**Remember you must pay any income taxes due by the deadline of April 30 2014 or you may be charged interest and penalties. **

Using NETFILE to Send Your Tax Return Screen
If you are ready to file your tax return, click the button Use NETFILE.

At the prompt, to save your current return, click on the Yes button.

If you agree to using one of your 20 free tax return filings, click on the OK button.

If you have read the NETFILE Terms and Conditions and Privacy Notice, click on the Yes button.

The NETFILE Transmission Results Window

Copy the NETFILE confirmation number for your tax records. This number will be useful if you need to discuss your filing with the CRA.

Click the Ok button.

Click the button: Next (F8)

If desired, click the button Print Tax Return.

Click the button: Next (F8)

To close GenuTax Standard 2013, click on the X icon.

Click on the button: Exit GenuTax Standard.

Be Kind: Make a Donation to GenuTax

If you found that GenuTax Standard 2013 worked for you and helped you file your income tax return, I’d strongly encourage you to support the small business that developed this program by making a donation.

You can donate online at

Or mail a donation to
GenuSource Consulting Inc.
PO Box 1494
Grande Prairie, AB    T8V 4Z3

Pay Any Taxes Owing!

Don’t forget to pay any taxes you owe to the CRA!

For information about payment options, visit the Canada Revenue Agency website at

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