2 thoughts on “How to Request a Transfer In to Your Simplii Financial Account from Your Linked External Bank Account

  1. I have a Single ( not Joint ) account with Simplii which I just opened. Only my name is on it.

    My external bank account is a Joint account. The checks from the external accounts also have BOTH our names printed on them.

    Will I have problems linking my external JOINT account with my Simplii Single account ?

    Either/Or can operate this external JOINT account and either/or signature works on this external JOINT account.
    Because on Simplii website it says something like :

    Conditions for adding an account:

    Accounts which require multiple signatures to transfer cannot be added.

    • I honestly don’t know if you’ll have trouble setting up the link or not. Unfortunately, I don’t work for Simplii or know anyone who does.

      I “think” by “accounts which require multiple signatures” they mean ones where no one can issue a cheque without at least 2 of the parties to the account signing it. For example, some big businesses and some charities require two people to sign any payment cheque before it goes out to try to reduce fraud and embezzlement. So I don’t think that reference applies to a regular joint account where EITHER party can sign a cheque and the cheques does not require BOTH parties to sign.

      I’d try by sending in the cheque or by phoning Simplii to ask ahead of sending it in.
      If you find out, I’m sure other readers would appreciate it if you let us know!

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