6 thoughts on “How to Add a Link to Another Bank to Your PC Financial Bank Account for Transfers

  1. I was able to link my CIBC account to PC financial so that I can send money to it on the same day that I provided them with a void cheque; the PCF employee was very helpful and had me speak to their regional manager over the phone to confirm. CIBC does not make it so easy for me to add PCF to my list of accounts to which I can transfer.

    • I don’t bank with RBC or TD so I’m not sure but usually when I transfer to BMO it takes 2 business days to show up in my BMO account. If I request a transfer on a Friday, though, it won’t show up till the Wednesday usually.

  2. Is this routine for linking still the same now that PC Financial is no longer in the banking business. Now that they are an online extension of CIBC known as Simplii, the electronic process must be in place without all the original encumbrances NO ?????

    • So far, no changes have been made. CIBC ran PC Financial on behalf of PC, so I’m not expecting any big changes to the interface right away. It sure will be nice if they set up the “auto deposit” type of linking in the future!

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