15 thoughts on “How to Connect a Tangerine Account to a Bank Account at Another Big Bank

  1. Thanks for your advice and instructions. I just mailed in $100 to open an RSP Mutual Fund account and I used your Orange Key. Hopefully it goes through and you get a reward! Cheers.

    • Thanks! that would be great.

      The Canadian Couch Potato says that the Tangerine funds offer a great “one step, one fund” way to invest. Best wishes!

  2. Can you link an existing tangerine account to your family’s chequing account at a large canadian bank? say your parents’? that account however does not have my name attached to it. I ask because to transfer money in that large canadian bank from my chequing account to my parents’ require me to go to the bank in person. If i can link via tangerine, that would be easier.

    • It might be possible to link the accounts from the Tangerine end but I’m not sure given you are not an owner of the Big 5 account. Can you do a (free for now anyway) Tangerine email money transfer to them instead? They will have to know their bank’s financial number, transit number and account number to accept and deposit the money but it does work. I can’t contact Tangerine right now to confirm your question so if direct linking is essential, you may want to phone them to discuss it. Sorry!

    • Most banks will allow you to set up a link to another bank. Large banks such as BMO, CIBC, TD etc may charge you a fee, though, to send out your money to another bank.

      Tangerine, PC Financial and Oaken Financial will let you link to other banks to send and receive money by e-transfer for free.

      EQ Bank and Zag Bank will let you link so that you can send money out of your account to another bank, or to pull money into your account from another bank, but they will not (yet) allow you to link to them to send money into your account. It’s a bit odd why they are only allowing transactions to proceed if you make the request on their website. They do not charge a fee to send or pull in money from your other bank.

  3. There doesn’t seem to be a way to withdraw your RSP. I just get directed to ways of investing in RSP.
    I need my RSP – I’m 68 years old and want to withdraw my RSP – but don’t know how. I was told to go to Tangerine.ca click move my money, click withdraw RSP – can’t find this on your sites?????

    • You have to telephone Tangerine to make a RRSP withdrawal. There will be some tax withheld when the money is taken out and there may be more income tax owing when you file your tax return for this year by the end of April next year. They don’t handle this online without discussing it over the telephone. Some people, for example, will want to move their RRSP money into a RRIF before making a withdrawal. They may also require a mailed in form with a signature for some RRSP withdrawals, especially for people who are not retired yet.

      (My site is not a Tangerine site. It’s just my personal instructions to myself on how to do things with my Tangerine accounts. I post them up online in case they help anyone else.)

    • I don’t think so. Everything I’ve read from Tangerine says that they only link to Canadian banks. You could call them to check, though. (I don’t work for Tangerine; I’m just a customer.)

  4. So say I want to link my US bank account to a tangerine account, could I do that considering we have different numbers on our checks here (we just have a routing number, no bank or transit number)

    • I highly doubt it as the Canadian banks seem to not allow direct connections to US banks unless they are part of the same banking family (e.g. BMO and BMO Harris.) If Tangerine says it’s possible, please let us know!

  5. Thank you for the useful information. I’ve just opened an account with the Tangerine using your orange key. Best wishes!

    • Thank you very much! Tangerine is not perfect but we’ve used it for many years now and it works well as a Savings account and as a chequing account to pay bills and use debit. Because several of the family have Tangerine accounts, we also use the email money transfer as it moves from Tangerine to Tangerine customer in less than 2 hours.

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