How to Group Non-Registered, TFSA and RRSP Accounts Under One ID at Investor’s Edge

We recently opened a non-registered trading account at CIBC Investor’s Edge. We already had a RRSP account there so one of the first things I wanted to do was group the accounts under one id. Then I could sign in and make trades, buy GICs, or park dividends in a high interest savings account without having to sign in and out of each account separately. Here’s how I grouped the Investor’s Edge accounts under one Userid.

Can You Group Investor’s Edge Accounts Belonging to Family Members or Friends Under Your Userid?

That depends on whether you have trading authority for those accounts.

  • If yes, then yes you can link them using this procedure.
  • If you don’t, then no, you can’t link them using this procedure. (You can call Investor’s Edge and discuss whether there is any other way for you to link the accounts.)

In general, you can only link accounts which you own or for which you have trading authority.

Will Linking (called “Relating”) the Accounts Automatically Qualify the Accounts for Cheaper Trades?

Investor’s Edge currently (in August 2014) offers $6.95 trades to customers with over $100 000 in business with CIBC and/or Investor’s Edge.

You will not automatically get $6.95 trades just by linking or relating your accounts. You need to phone Investor’s Edge to ensure the lower-priced trades are properly set up for your accounts.

What You’ll Need to Group the Accounts

You’ll need to know the account number for each account you want to add to appear under a Userid. The account number was assigned by CIBC Investor’s Edge when you opened the account. You may have to look back at your statements or welcome documents to find the number depending on whether you’ve been using a Userid you selected yourself as your sign in id.

To Add and Group Additional Accounts to Your Investor’s Edge Userid

  1. Sign in to Investor’s Edge using the Userid you want to use to see all of your accounts at the same time.
  2. From the link list on the left side of the screen, click on the link: User Preferences.
  3. Under the subheading Account Options, click on the link: Relate brokerage accounts.
  4. In the Account Number to Relate: field, type the first account number you want to be able to see when using this Userid. For example, type the account number for your TFSA.
  5. Click on the Relate Brokerage Account button.
  6. If desired, repeat for another account. For example, type the account number for your RRSP.

You’re done!

Now when you sign in, you will see your holdings and other information for each of the “related” accounts.

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