How Can I Look Up What I Did, When I Did It and for How Much in a CIBC Investor’s Edge Account?

Some of the shares we have bought we have held forever after keeping only an annual eye on them. Others we buy to flip. We buy low, wait a bit, sell part of them high, wait some more, sell part of them higher, chortle as they crash as we rush in to buy more low, and in the meantime scoop up any distributions they make. We keep records of these multiple transactions, to gloat over our successes and wince over our failures. But we also sometimes use the Investor’s Edge transaction history to take a quick look at the last 13 months of confusing history. Here’s how.

How to Check the Transaction History for a Specific Holding in your Investor’s Edge account.

  1. Sign on to your account/s.
    1. Go to
    2. In the User ID field, type your User ID.
    3. In the Password field, type your password.
    4. Click on the Sign On button.
  2. From the link list on the left side of the screen, under Account Information, click on Transaction History.
  3. For example, say you wanted to know everything you’ve done with RY.
    To get all of the available data, click on the tab link labeled: last 13 months
  4. In the Filter By: section
    From the All Symbols drop-down list, select the desired investment. For example, select: RY
  5. The screen will display all of the available transactions during that time period for that investment. So if you made some purchases and sales and received some dividends, they will all be reported.
  6. You can then Save this information to your own computer using the same procedure described in the article: How to Save your Account Transaction History for a CIBC Investor’s Edge Account.
  7. When you’ve finished your review,
    1. Click on the Sign Off button.
    2. For extra security, close your Browser session.

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