How Can I Look Up What I Did, When I Did It and for How Much in a BMO InvestorLine Account?

There are stocks you buy and hold and never think about. But then there are other stocks that you buy, sell high, buy again low, get paid dividends or distributions from, sell part of your position, enjoy the benefits of a stock split, buy some more and sell for a killer profit. And then you do it all over again. Although I’m sure you keep meticulous records of these varied transactions, you can also use InvestorLine’s history function to take a look at what you’ve done with that one stock over the past 24 months. Here’s how.

How to Check the Transaction History for a Specific Holding in your BMO InvestorLine Account

  1. Sign in to your account/s.
    1. Go to
    2. In the User ID or Account # field, type your account number or if you have grouped your accounts under one User ID, type your User ID.
    3. In the Password field, type your password.
    4. Click on the Go button.
  2. From the drop-down list at the top right of the screen, select which account for which you want to save the history.
  3. From the My Portfolio tab, select Transaction History.
  4. For example, say you wanted to know everything you’ve done with TD.
    1. In the Symbol: field, type TD
    2. In the From: field, select the earliest possible date.
    3. In the To: field, make sure the most recent possible date is selected.
    4. Click on the Refresh Transactions button.
  5. The screen will display all of the available transactions during that time period for that stock. So if you made some purchases and sales and received some dividends, they will all be reported.
  6. You can then Save this information to your own computer using the same procedure described in the article: How to Save your Account Transaction History for a BMO InvestorLine Account.
  7. When you’ve finished your review,
    click on the Sign Out link.
  8. For extra security, close your Browser session.

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