How to Check Your Cashed Cheques at PC Financial

My husband usually keeps a couple of cheques in his wallet. They usually get written in a hurry often for charitable causes. That means every so often a cashed cheque is reported against our chequing account that he hasn’t listed it in the cheque book. In the past, I would ask if he remembered what it was for and if he didn’t know, I just hoped that it was legit. Now we have a PC Financial joint chequing account, with unlimited free cheques we can check what we wrote a cheque for by looking it up online for free.

Looking at a PDF of a Cashed Cheque Written on a PC Financial No Fee Chequing Account

  1. Sign in to your PC Financial account.
  2. From the list of your accounts, click on your No Fee chequing account.
    Page down till you see the cheque about which you are curious.
  3. Click on the link for the cheque.
    For example, I clicked on: Cheque #6
  4. To see the image, click on the button: view cheque.
  5. The front and back image of the cheque will be displayed as part of the PCF screen. You can see who endorsed the cheque on the back.As I suspected, this cheque was a charitable donation. The large even number was a big clue.
    Your choices include the buttons to:

    • return to transaction history
    • view PDF to print or save
    • printer friendly version

    You may want to save the PDF to keep an electronic proof of the payment, or you may want to print it to include in your files. Remember that PC Financial will only keep the cheque images for a fairly short period of time. If you’ll need them for taxes, etc, be sure to make a copy that you control.

  6. If you click on “view PDF to print or save” it opens the cheque images in a separate Adobe Acrobat Viewer window.
    To print it or save it, you just click on the appropriate icon near the top of the window.
  7. If you click on “printer friendly version” a different popup window opens.
    To print from this window, click on the button: print this page.
  8. Close the popup window/s.
    (You may get an error that sends you back to the screen you see when you first sign in to your PC account. I did when I closed the PDF popup window. I also got that error when I tried to use the “return to transaction history” button.)
  9. If you’re finished banking,
    1. click on the Sign Out button.
    2. Clear your Browser history.
    3. For increased security, close your Browser session.

Guard Your e-Signature Well!

Remember those cheque PDFs include an electronic copy of your signature. It does not take a computer genius to use that electronic copy to forge your signature on other documents. Always protect your password and ID for your PC Financial accounts. If you store your cheque images electronically on your own computer, protect those files too!

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