How to Activate a Tangerine (ING Direct THRIVE) Chequing Account Debit Card

I applied for an ING Direct, now, Chequing account on Friday March 26. Because I was already an ING, now Tangerine, savings account customer, the account was created immediately. (It will take a bit longer if you have to provide proof of your identity and a void cheque to link your account to another financial institution.) On Tuesday April 2, I received my ABM Debit card for the account in the mail. On Wednesday April 3, I received the PIN for the card in the mail. This is great service,

as in between the time I set up and received the card was the Easter long weekend, with 2 days Canada Post does not deliver mail. Once I received the card and PIN, this is how I activated the card for my new Tangerine chequing account:

To Start Using your Tangerine ABM Card

  1. Login to your account/s at Tangerine.
  2. After clicking View My Accounts, under the Chequing section will be a new section that says
    “Did you get your new card and PIN?”
  3. Click on the Activate Now button.
  4. As directed, enter the correct digits of your card number, then click on the Go button.
  5. The message Your New Client Card has been activated! will be displayed.
  6. Sign out of your Tangerine session and close your browser.

Note: you can also activate your card by phoning Tangerine at 1 800 863 1605. You will have to answer security questions to activate the card.

While waiting for my ABM card, I paid my Bell bill online. Now I’m just waiting for my cheques to arrive.

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