Here Comes Retirement: Ready or Not

The truth is that sometimes retirement arrives whether we’re ready or not. One day your boss walks in and says “You’ve got two choices: Retire or be fired.” It’s been on my mind a lot recently because of the RBC Outsourcing Fiasco, but also because it has happened to relatives and friends in every recession, from the 1980s to the 2009s.

Here are recent some articles dealing with retirement and readiness

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and in other web worlds

  • Dianne Maley of the Globe and Mail writes “An entrepreneur’s path to early retirement” which leads to the usual bickering about financial advisor advice in the heated comments section. (But not as heated as usual as no one has a public service pension.)
  •  Michael James on Money discussed the idea that “up to 60% of portfolio growth may come after retirement” in Portfolio Growth after Retirement What does this mean, though, if your retirement starts 12 years earlier than expected? That’s 12 years of savings that won’t be invested and 12 additional years when withdrawals will be made ahead of schedule before the investments had time to grow. Not an encouraging prospect.

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