Tangerine Bank Offers a Free e-Book Copy of the Wealthy Barber Returns

This book is easy to read and offers positive advice which isn’t always true of financial books. And now you can get it for free. (At least for a few months.)

No Easy Answers to Saving in The Retirement Catch-Up Guide

I’m always looking for a quick way to enhance our retirement savings so I snagged this book from our library hoping for unconsidered insights.

Is Someone with an Income of $2 000 a Month Rich? What’s My Rich Ratio?

Our Rich Ratio will change at retirement: Will it drop us out of the Happy Retirees category?

Book Review Count On Yourself: Take Charge of Your Money

This is a book I would give to my cousin if he asked me where to start in getting control of his savings and investments.

Book Review: Managing Alone: Your Trusted Advisors’ Guide to Surviving the Death of Your Spouse

Reading this book made my spouse nervous but I promise I really did buy the Datura seeds for the garden.

TFSA Tips from Gordon Pape: A Review of How TFSAs Can Make You Rich

Gordon Pape answers questions like “Can I use my TFSA as collateral for a loan?” in this new book. Would I recommend reading it?

Book Review of Fight Back by Ellen Roseman

Did I learn anything new from reading Ellen Roseman’s book, Fight Back?

Book Review: Sleep-Easy Investing: Your Stress-Free Guide to Financial Success by Gordon Pape

Some people who have only read very recent articles by Gordon Pape tend to underestimate him as a writer and as a financial educator. He’s a retired journalist who carved a niche out for himself reporting on financial topics andaaa

Book Review Enough Bull How to Retire Well Without the Stock Market, Mutual Funds, or Even an Investment Advisor, David Trahair

This book provides useful advice for those who suffered through a market crash and those who never want to.

Book Review: I Will Teach You to be Rich by Ramit Sethi

This book includes practical detailed advice for people in their 20s to get a grip on their finances. It also had some good information for older investor’s. Read on to discover why spending $21,000 a year going out with friends doesn’t have to be a bad thing.