With 15 Years Till Retirement, How Much Annual Return Growth Can I Expect for XIC the Canadian TSX Stock Market ETF?

The financial planning articles I read keep saying “based on a return of XX after inflation, they will have YY$ to spend in retirement.” I wondered what return after inflation I could use for planning the growth of my S&P Composite TSX ETF so I went online to investigate.

Why Buying an Index Fund ETF Must be for the Long Term Not for a “One Year Wonder”

What investment did I make in 2014 that had a better return in 2015 than XIC or a one-year GIC?

Investment Portfolio Stock, Bond and Index Fund Updates and Surprises for January

January has bought some pleasant investing surprises.

How Did Our Investments Perform In 2014? Part Deux

Did we win or lose playing in the market this past year? Unlike previous years where I refused to even open the envelopes, this year I read our statements and report the results here.

The TSX Is In Freefall: Time to Buy!

Wow! Good prices: New Money: What should I buy?!

How to Buy Shares of Stock or Units of ETFs Using the BMO InvestorLine App

Is marijuana legal in the location where the graphic designer lives who created the icons for the new InvestorLine app? These and other thoughts crossed my mind while executing a trade using the new iPad App. (And why you should be careful when using this App if you don’t want to end up long in Venezuelan Beaver Cheese.)

What Are the Common Types of Registered Education Savings Plans and Which is Best?

Where’s a good place to open a RESP if you can’t or won’t invest in the stock market? What about if you want to buy equities but only have a small amount to invest each year? What about investors with large family-plan RESPs who want to buy ETFs? Here are some suggestions and considerations. Please add your own in the comments.

Why Do Markets at All Time Highs Mean a Crash Is Coming? Don’t Stocks Have to Go Up to Be Worthwhile?

Are you still putting new money in the markets or are you building your bunker out of gold bricks?

Why Couch Potato Investing Doesn’t Work

Are you bold, brave, strong and resolute enough to be a Couch Potato?

Book Review Count On Yourself: Take Charge of Your Money

This is a book I would give to my cousin if he asked me where to start in getting control of his savings and investments.

How to Buy Equities or ETFs in a RBC Direct Investing Account

There’s one big difference between buying stocks/ETFs at BMO InvestorLine and CIBC Investor’s Edge versus at RBC Direct Investing as I found out when I executed a trade.

How to Check the Current Real Time Price for Shares or ETFs at RBC Direct Investing

I realize that this is a relatively short post but you do realize that there are Snowy Owl’s out there just waiting to be found and photographed, right? I can’t afford to ignore the first sunshine we’ve seen in a week! P.S. Did anyone you know get caught by TWTRQ?

What Is Dollar Cost Averaging and Why Is It Useful?

The Dow Jones set a record today which is why I’m considering using dollar cost averaging to invest my TFSA. If you’re not old enough to remember the Wealthy Barber, you might want to read this refresher on why dollar cost averaging is useful and when.

Are ETFs (Exchange Traded Funds) Better than Mutual Funds?

What are the tax differences between ETFs and mutual funds and the differences in how they DRIP? These and other features are important to examine before making a purchase.

What Is an ETF or Exchange Traded Fund?

What ETFs are, how they’re priced, where you buy them, whether you have to hold them, what the minimum purchase requirements are and other fascinating facts.

How Do You Decide What is an Ethical Stock or ETF to Invest In?

How to choose an ethical stock or ETF.

Can I DRIP the Dividends from my BlackRock iShares ETFs at BMO InvestorLine?

Can you DRIP XBB, XCB, XSB, CBO, CLF, CBH and other popular iShares ETFs?