Checking the Current Real Time Price for an Equity Using BMO InvestorLine

Sometimes you want to know exactly what shares are selling for– not some 20-minute delayed quote as reported on the TV or radio. You can check the price accurate to within less than one

minute using your BMO InvestorLine account and the Equity and Option Order Entry Screen.

  1. Sign in to your BMO InvestorLine account.
    1. Go to BMO InvestorLine at:
    2. To sign in to your BMO InvestorLine account/s:
    3. In the User ID or Account # field, type your account number or if you have grouped your accounts under one User ID, type your User ID.
    4. In the Password field, type your password.
    5. Click on the Go button.
  2. Under the Trading tab, click on Equities.
  3. In the Symbol field, type the trading symbol for the company you are interested in.
    For example, I typed: BNS
  4. Press the Enter key.On the right side of the screen, a small chart will display the current price and how much it is up or down since the open price.
    It will give the hour and minute of the last trade. (But not, unfortunately, the second.)
  5. You can update the price by clicking on the Refresh Quote link.
    You have to keep clicking it if you want to see the most recent price.For an actively traded stock like BNS, the price can flip around significantly several times a minute.
  6.  When you’re done, click on the Sign Out link.
  7. For higher security, also close your Browser session.

Clicking is a Pain, Doesn’t InvestorLine Stream the Quotes?

There are no “streaming” or automatically updated real-time quotes available at the regular trading level of InvestorLine account. (If you have a LOT of money at InvestorLine you may be upgraded to a higher level of service including streaming quotes. I doubt I will ever be at that level.)

Even though it only reports the Last Trade time to the nearest minute, you can get several quotes during that same minute by clicking on the Refresh Quote button.

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