Buy Your US Dollars at ING Direct (now Tangerine)

The simplest way for me to buy US dollars at the best rate was from ING Direct (now in 2012. Since then ING Direct was purchased by the Bank of Nova Scotia / ScotiaBank so it is no longer necessarily the best place to buy your US dollars.

Check the Cost to Buy US Dollars Easily Online
Tangerine ING Direct post their buy and sell rates online. No need to phone anyone to see what it costs. You can even check at 3 a.m. if you’re up and online.

Graphic of 20 US dollars on sale for 19.80 CanadianTo find the rates, go to the home page. Click on the Rates button. The US dollar exchange rates are at the very bottom of their long list of various rates.

How To Read The Tangerine US and CA Dollar Exchange Rates
I was somewhat confused by the way they post their rates the first time I looked.

Here’s an example to clarify their listings:
One day in October 2012, they posted that
Exchange Rate – Buying    US $ 0.990
Exchange Rate – Selling    US $ 0.961

That means that if you are buying one US dollar, it will cost you 99.0 cents Canadian.
If you are selling one US dollar to them, they will pay you 96.1 cents Canadian.

Update: Now in 2017, the picture is much more miserable if you need to buy US Dollars. We’re nowhere near parity any more!

Comparing the Tangerine Exchange Rates to Those at the Big Banks
Obviously, like all banks Tangerine are making a profit on the buying and selling of US dollars. But they are making LESS of a profit than say CIBC or BMO.

For instance, at this same time BMO is quoting that
to buy one US dollar will cost you 1.0055 dollars Canadian
to sell one US dollar, they will pay you 95.15 cents Canadian

And CIBC states that you have to go to your branch to find out the rate, which they can change at any time during the day.

Now you may be thinking, so it costs ($1.0055-.990) = .0155 cents more per dollar to buy an American dollar at BMO. Who cares? BMO likes that thinking!

If you’re buying dollars for a family of 4 travelling to Florida for a week, you might need $5000 US. That would be a price difference of $77.50. Again, may not matter to you. To me, that’s worth a click of the mouse or two. (No Mickey Mouse pun intended.)

But How Do I Get the US Dollars Out of Tangerine?
Ok, there’s always a drawback. We get our US dollars out of Tangerine by transferring them to our CIBC US Dollar account. Then we withdraw them at CIBC. It costs us $0.75 US to make a withdrawal from our CIBC US Dollar account. The transfer out from Tangerine costs nothing.

Why Have a CIBC US Dollar Account?
We chose a CIBC US Dollar account because there are no fees for the account and no minimum balance. There is no fee to make a deposit to the CIBC account. So keeping the account active (requiring one transaction every 6 months) is as easy as depositing a US dollar every 5 months or so.

UPDATE: As of spring 2013, CIBC no longer provides free paper statements for this type of account. You can get free e-statements though.

The Canadian Dollar is Up, When Will the Tangerine US Dollar Price Go Down?
They change the rates in what seems to be almost a random pattern, so it isn’t easy to predict when they will respond to the daily fluctuations in the value of the dollar.

The good thing is there is no additional fee to make the purchase. The only fee is the one included in the posted exchange rate. So you can always purchase a bit at a time. I never pay more than $1 Canadian for $1 US, but some days I do get more of a bargain than others.(In 2017 of course, this is no longer an option: now it’s going to cost a LOT more than 1 CAD to buy 1 USD.)

What’s the Best Way to Exchange CAD to USD for Investors?

If you are buying US dollars for investing purposes you will probably be exchanging a lot more than the few thousand dollars described in this article. In that case, you should consider performing the exchange by using Norbert’s Gambit in a brokerage account. There are also large Forex conversion companies that will likely offer a better rate than any bank.

Want to Know How the ExchangeRates Compare in (almost) 2105?

I’ve written an updated article comparing rates on December 26, 2014: Tangerine still wins.

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5 thoughts on “Buy Your US Dollars at ING Direct (now Tangerine)

  1. I have an acct with Vancity credit union, both CAD and USD, but their exchange rates are ghastly. If I open a USD acct with Tangerine (I have a CAD acct with them), all I have to do is e-transfers between banks so I can withdraw from a Vancity branch? Do banks (Vancity) charge for e-transfers between banks? I’ve never needed 2 banks before, just ain’t that rich. ;)

    TYIA. Great website, lots of good info!

    • Hi,
      As you know ING Direct was bought out by ScotiaBank and is now Tangerine. I’m not entirely sure whether they are still offering a good exchange rate although I’ll try to do an updated comparison.

      You can link your Tangerine accounts to up to 3 external/other banks. It sounds like you aren’t using many banks so that should be ok. If you put the info into Tangerine to link to your USD account at Vancity, then you will be able to “push” a deposit from your Tangerine USD account to your Vancity USD account. Most banks do not charge a fee for a deposit (although many do for a withdrawal) so you probably would not have to pay a fee to move the money into Vancity. You’d have to check with them to be absolutely sure though, as I don’t bank with Vancity and can’t test it.

      Linking the accounts is fairly easy now. Basically Tangerine will test the link by depositing a few cents twice into the Vancity USD account. You then report the amounts you received (free money!) and that confirms the link is working. According to the VanCity FAQ at it looks like VanCity’s institution number is 809 and the transit number is 16 followed by three more numbers. You can also find the link to their FAQs at and then look for the question about “What is Vancity’s institution number?”

      We find it easy and free to push USD from Tangerine out to CIBC. But it does cost us a withdrawal fee if we move USD from CIBC to Tangerine because they charge a withdrawal fee each time money leaves that CIBC account whether in cash or by transfer.

      • A quick check shows that Tangerine still is offering one of the best rates for buying and selling USD. I’ll try to post a comparison later this week.

  2. TYVM for your reply. As it turns out, Vancity’s exchange rate is very competetive (buying USD as of 12/24/2014: Tangerine 1.185, Vancity 1.1852, RBC 1.189, TD 1.192, though TD offers a preferred rate if you have either a Select Savings Plan or $3K in your USD acct.). Vancity doesn’t have their own exchange desk, and when I was with them and TD years ago, TD’s preferred rate was much better. IDK if things have changed in the past few years, or if TD’s preferred rate is that much better (I can’t find a posted rate online), but at the moment Vancity is surprisingly better than the Big Banks at USD exchange.

    TYVM, and have a nice holiday!

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