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Every time I try to write an article about banks I end up looking online for the fees for a service or offering. It’s horribly frustrating because the banks are very good at NOT clearly linking to their fee, charges and commissions pages. So for my benefit and hopefully yours I’m going to list where I found the bank fees for BMO, CIBC, RBC, ScotiaBank and TD.

Don’t Trust Banks: Always Check the Fees

Always, always, ALWAYS, call a bank you’re interested in and talk about the current and proposed fees before making any choices. The fees seem to be changing on a monthly, if not weekly, basis. And frankly most of the changes are increases in existing fees and adding brand new never thought of before fees.

Many banks will also waive fees if you talk to them about what business you are bringing to them. They may also have fee “bundles” where you can get several fee-costing services for one lower price. Unfortunately, it seems like if you want to pay the lowest fees you need to talk to a real live human being.

Where to Find the Fees for the Big Five Canadian Banks

As of August 5, 2013, these are all the website pages listing fees that I could find. There may be more:

Bank of Montreal

Account Fees

Additional Fees and Services


Personal Account Service Fees, April 1, 2013

Additional Service Fees
(Statement; Plus; VISA; Account Management; Account Closing; Travel; Gifts; Personal Banking Services and Fees; Dormant Inactive Accounts; Miscellaneous)


Chequing Accounts

Savings Accounts

Fees for Additional Services

Save on Bank Fees

MultiProduct Rebate

Popular Bundles


Account Fees at a Glance,,16,00.html


Account Related Information and Administration Fees

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